Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Everybody Does See my Pants
So, I have a winner in the Everybody Sees my Pants contest. But before then, a newsflash or two mixed with periodic outbursts of dance.
  • PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ will have a Turkish version, which is way cool.
  • She's also a nominee for the TAYSHAS High School Reading List, which we're totally stoked about.
(Random dancing.)
    In loud voice, kinda rabble-rousing: IF YOU LIVE NEAR OMAHA, NEBRASKA YOU HAVE TO COME AND SEE THIS ON WEDNESDAY! (That's TOMORROW): June 8, Bryan HS, Omaha, NE 7-9pm with Lisa McMann, Coe Booth, Ellen Hopkins, Matt De La Pena and me. Free books, free food, open to the public and more random dancing.
    * * *

    OKAY! On to the fun stuff. To the entrants of this contest: ROCK ON. I nearly peed myself a few times with some of these entries. I loved all of these and thank you all for entering. Here's our list of top eight (but really top ten...wait for it...)
    1. Everybody Pees Their Pants & Sequel: Everybody Pees Their Pants: Part Poo ~Michelle
    2. Everyone Sneezes Aunts & Sequels: Nobody coughs uncles, Some hiccup Cousins ~Geeky nerd
    3. Everyone Hears the Mosquitoes: First Blood. ~EJ (You know I love my Rambo references.)
    4. Please Ignore Vera's Tweets ~GinaRosati
    5. The Lust of 100 Hogs & Sequel: Please Ignore Vera’s Pork Diet ~Gem
    6. Everybody Sees Your Implants, a sequel to The Bust of 100 Dogs. ~Skye (In The Good Books)
    7. Everybody's Worn Those Pants ~kourtneyheintz
    8. Everyone Can See Down Your Pants ~Courtney Krieger

    And the winner is MARY CASHMAN, who gave us these three gems, any of which could be the winner:
    • Everybody! Seize the Ants! Sequel: What Do We Do With All These Ants?
    • The Stud of 100 Dogs, and its prequel: 99 Problems and a Bitch IS One of Them.
    • The prequel to Everybody Sees the Ants: Nobody Admits Spilling the Kool Aid
    Mary, I've emailed you! I'm on the road until next week, but I'll get that in the mail for you ASAP!

    Now, don't get used to this regular blogging thing. After Nebraska things are going to get REALLY QUIET until ALA in New Orleans at the end of June. I have this book that I have to write. And then in July & August, the beginning of another. So you may see me flash my Get Out of Blog Free card.

    But you can always picture me here:
    And know I am creating more characters with every stroke.

    And while I'm gone you can always go over to StoryCasting.com and cast Please Ignore Vera Dietz. You can also cast The Dust of 100 Dogs AND Everybody Sees the Ants.


    Anonymous said...

    Owww, I didn't understand the contest very well, but I would like to participate ):

    Anyway, I was wondering that, like I'm your super fan, and I just buy the dust of 100 dogs, would you dedicate me a post?

    Imagine that, I don't know, I'm Adam Levine and you are a fan of him, then he mentioned you in a comment and you get all crazy! :D

    Taht's how I feel!!<3 :$

    Anyway, my B-Day is next monday, that's why I'm asking this :)

    If you do that, I can tell to my friend, who is a Fan of Charlie & Vera XD

    With love psychotic,

    ab Leon

    Sommer Leigh said...

    I'm really looking forward to the Omaha event tonight. So many great authors in one place! I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

    A.S. King said...

    SOMMER: I am so stoked! And how awesome is Omaha? It's really lovely here!
    Bring your friends!

    AB--Happy early birthday! I'm on the road right now, but I'll see what I can do. I'm a sucker for birthdays!