Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Everybody Sees the Pants Contest

Everybody makes mistakes.
Now I want you to make one on purpose.
For a very early ARC of EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS.

Before I get into contest stuff, I want to point you toward a few reviews and links for the week.
First, Maya wrote to me about two great reviews a VERA DIETZ one here and a D100D one here. Thank you Maya! I am so glad you're enjoying my books! Looks like you might enjoy ANTS too! Stay tuned.
Second, have any of you discovered Text Messages podcasts from ReadWriteThink? This week's podcast includes a few sweet words about EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS in an amazing piece about bullying books and a great chat with CJ Bott, one of the nation's experts on bullying and its effects.

Last, a few new dates for you calendar that haven't gone on my official calendar yet:
June 8th: Author Panel at Bryan High School, Omaha, NE 7-9pm Join Ellen Hopkins, Matt de la Pena, Coe Booth, Lisa McMann and me for two hours of awesome.
October 6th: The second to TWO national launches for EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS--Changing Hands bookstore, Tempe Arizona. Time TBA.

In the past, innocent typos have revealed that I wrote books called The Dust of 1000 (or 10,000) Dogs, (Just found Dust of 100 Days) Please Excuse Vera Dietz and just today ( <3 U Mandee) Everybody Sees the Aunts. Part of me is reminded of those great clean up voice-overs they used to do on movies--like The Exorcist's "Your mother sews socks that smell."

Challenge: Take one of my book titles and make it hilariously all wrong. This can work in many ways. Subtlety is just as hilarious as going over the top, depending on how you do it.

How to Enter: Leave your entry in the comment area with you email address or a way to find you if you win! You can enter a maximum of 10 times.

Prize: A signed ARC (advance reader copy) of EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS.

Bonus points for: Related sequel titles to your all-wrong titles.

Deadline: June 6th, 2011 23:59 EST

I'm traveling a lot that week, so forgive me if the winner announcement isn't instant!
Tell your friends. This is going to be fun!
I'll be back in a week or two with some cool blurbs for EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Rochester TBF Rocks.

If I made a list to explain why the Rochester Teen Book Festival rocks, it would be too long. But trust me--this festival is the shizz. Like, the collision of the planets Awesome and Fantastic. Planet Awetastic. It seems my custom to give you a picture essay of the day. But know that nothing can compare to being there in person, so find out when it is next year and mark the date. If you are a YA fan, you have to get to this.

First, on Friday, Heather Brewer, Jackie Morse Kessler and I went to talk to the very cool students of Mercy High School. Our panel for the weekend focused bullying, self esteem and how to navigate abusive relationships or friendships. Mercy was having a week of creativity and throughout the school were examples of the amazing artistic talents of the school's students. One such display was one of idiom hats which were as amazingly made as they were clever. Here's me wearing the awesome Michelle's "Holy Cow."

The actual festival was on Saturday and it started with a ride to Nazareth College in a 1960 Buick flat top with my panel mates as well as Eric Luper.

No. I'm not making that up. Proof:

And Eric, who rode shotgun.

There was a vintage bus for us, also, which was completely incredible.
And a vintage Corvette and a Studebaker, which you have to imagine in your head.

As always, the crowd was amazing--the panoramic picture never does it justice. Can you find yourself? (Click first to enlarge!)

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of Heather, Jackie and me doing our thing and then a huge booksigning to follow. Then dinner, then drinks in the lobby until a very respectable hour. Next thing you know, it's Sunday and time to say goodbye. Here's Heather and Terry before their ride to the airport and my drive home.

No doubt, it was amazing to meet a lot of cool authors and teachers and librarians and parents.
But this weekend was all about the 4000 BEYOND fantastic teenagers in attendance, A huge ROCK ON to every one of them. (ROCK ON EVERY ONE OF YOU.)

Oh. And Josh Berk and I couldn't meet up without taking a weird picture of the two of us:

I call this one: Feeling Diagonal.
Next weird Berk/King picture will come November 2011 when we appear together at the Lititz Kid-Lit fest.

Next up: The Backspace conference on the 27th of May, a amazing panel in Omaha, NE on June 8th, and then ALA at the end of June. Until then, I will bask in this post-Rochester TBF you-are-a-star glow and send a HUGE thank you to all the TBF organizers, donors, teens and fund raisers. YOU ALL ROCK.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fastest Blog Ever Written

I have five minutes to write this blog. The pagoda is timing me.

First: If you are ANYWHERE NEAR ROCHESTER, NY this weekend, you should come to Rochester Teen Book Festival. Just check out that massive list of amazing authors. It's a lot of fun and there's a huge autographing session at the end where you can buy books and get them signed by said amazing authors.

Next: I don't point out many reviews these days, but I'd like to point out this one. Maggie really loved PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ and sent me this link via Twitter and I was really thrilled she liked it.

Ever wonder where I work? Then check out one of my favorite bookseller's awesome tumblr blog, Write Place, Write Time to see my office, in all its messy glory. And really, it's not as messy as it looks. It's really organized. Seriously. Why are you laughing?

See you soon. Some stuff to tell you, and AN ARC OF EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS to give away in a cool contest.
First, Rochester and all those awesome fans!