Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pictures That Make Me Smile

Still pretty speechless here. I mean, other than saying thank you to everyone for their wonderful reactions to this news. It's been a really humbling experience to say the least. I can't tell you how much your kind words have meant to me! No really. I can't. I'm still speechless, remember? So I'm posting pictures that people sent me in the last few days that made me smile.

These two pictures from ALA are thanks to Alyson Beecher:

Vera with her jewelry on. 

Vera with more jewelry on.
This next one is thanks to Katherine Fergason who thought to take a screenshot while books took over twitter for 15 minutes yesterday! (Go books!) I think my excitement over "Vera Dietz" trending on Twitter proves without a shadow of a doubt that I am an enormous dork. Can't say I'm surprised. I do lock myself in a room and write books for a living. What could be dorkier? (Answer: Computer camp in 1980. I did that too. Trust me, I know what dorks look like.)

Books Trend on Twitter! Go Vera Dietz!
We took a long family walk to the mailbox after I got my phone call from the Printz committee on Sunday afternoon. I call this "Sunset on a Very Freakin' Good Day"

Don't worry. I didn't chop my hair off again. It's tucked into my coat. It's cold, man.

And finally, the goodies. Flowers from some very kind people in the publishing world and a pizza cookie from a close friend. If you all lived closer I would share the cookie. Promise.

That is a chocolate chip cookie pizza.

I'll be back soon with real things to say. For now, I need to go finish this synopsis for book #4. The thing I was supposed to be working on instead of creating this blog. Oops.



Lori said...

Congrats!! You and Vera completely deserve this!!

Corrie Wachob said...

Oooh! Congratulations. It's so nice to see hard work pay off. And don't worry or be surprised if you can't focus on writing for the next few days, this is one distraction to enjoy to the fullest.

Joanne R. Fritz said...

Mmm... pizza cookie.... mmm.

Glad you're enjoying yourself, Amy! I'm giving away a copy of your book on my blog (My Brain on Books)!!

And you signed it, so that's even cooler!