Sunday, November 7, 2010


Thank you to all who entered the 2+2=4 Redux contest. You are all gutsy and awesome. My hearty crew of seasoned judges and I sat around today and argued over which was best. We had some great finalists.

One of my favorites, at 8 words, was from David, with: I saw seven pirates ingesting decomposing Chateaubriand unceremoniously. First: Ew. And seriously, who else can fit the word Chateaubriand into a sentence?

The longest sentence, at 9 words, was from Lindsi: I eat eight cookies (chocolate) deliciously, independently, instantaneously, choreographically. We loved the effort and give kudos to Lindsi for this entry, but in the end, after much arguing over just how many adverbs really worked on their own (like, say, I eat deliciously or I eat choreographically) and in a row, we realized that this one wasn't the winner. Sorry Lindsi. I hope you'll enter again in our next contest.

The winner, then, is Em. This was not simply due to personal reasons (those being that I recently took my kid to the ER for x-rays due to the actions described by Em's sentence): I was often running backwards haphazardly, imaginatively procrastinating. The judges agreed: it a smashing example of a coherent AND excellent 2+2=4 sentence.

Em, I have sent you an email!
Now, if you DIDN'T win? GO HERE AND LEAVE A COMMENT for another chance to win!

Alison, over at Alison's Book Marks wrote this really great review last week...and before I ever saw it, I got to meet her at Clinton Book Shop which was awesome. How cool to come home to find this: 
Grabbed me by the hair, grabbed me by the heart and wouldn't let go. Vera Dietz is the most original YA I have read in a long time...through changing up the narrative, Vera's smart humor, and never ever becoming cliche', A.S. King puts her stamp on her very own brand of genius. 
Thank you Alison! I am so glad you enjoyed it!
And holy cattle, my trusty Mr. King internet filter found this on Book Page:
Ignore this book at your peril; it’s a keeper.
 We like that!

Okay--off I go into a week of insanity. Three stops on the blog tour this week...and some very embarrassing pictures. And a giveaway. So stay tuned!

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