Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pizza Delivery to Lenore & Linkage

Today's Pizza Delivery Blog Tour stop is over at Presenting Lenore, where we talk about kissing and I share my most embarrassing picture yet and an very interesting story to go along with it. If you're only catching up, here's a list of all the past Pizza Delivery blog tour stops.

I would like to say: I am almost done with EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS. Which means I get to finally start working on finishing the next book. Which is a wonderful thing. I love the next book. I mean, always--I love "the next book" no matter what it is.

OH! HEY! And I've extended my2+2=4 contest until Saturday because I can't believe you guys are not up for that challenge. Seriously. Where are the fun people? Have you all grown too busy to construct mathematically pleasing sentences?


Please Ignore Vera Dietz was reviewed yesterday by none other than The Book Lady Rebecca and she really loved it. 
"Please Ignore Vera Dietz is a fine example of why good young adult literature is so important, and it offers much to be enjoyed by adult readers as well (as evidenced by the fact that I don’t tend to love YA and I can’t stop talking about this book). King is a powerful storyteller with a keen ear for how people really speak and a strong grasp of the challenges adults and teens face in contemporary life. She writes tension and struggle without being melodramatic and comedy without kitsch"
 I am expecting a visit today from Sara J Henry, and I am so EXCITED! I am loving Sara's book LEARNING TO SWIM, and I am going to make my famous chicken and black bean enchilada/burrito thingies. (It's a mix of both. What can I say?)

So, I am skipping additional linkage until I have more time. For now, enjoy Lenore's awesome interview and Rebecca's panty-tossing.

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