Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's Do It!

Keith in Hollywood, Florida with Vera
A quickie blog today--am writing.

But after getting this awesome picture yesterday from my friend and fellow author and ninja Keith Cronin I have a challenge for you. If you have a copy of Vera Dietz can you go out and take a cool picture of her to show me just how far she's traveled?

Send your pictures to: asking (at)

You know, you can't buy PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ in most chain stores, and I think that's a bummer considering just how many people are talking about the book, how many great reviews it's seen (and how many people write to me asking "Where can I get your book!! My B&N didn't have it!") I can't do anything  about what they stock in those stores, and from what I hear, their stock is becoming more and more limited by the day. But what's really cool is: Vera has traveled so far WITHOUT THEM thanks to wonderful Independent Bookstores and the few awesome YA booksellers in chain stores around the country who have made sure to stock the VERA because they think it's a great book and they know it will sell well. Combine that with online ordering options and those of you who ROCKED enough to actually order it when your local store didn't have it, Vera has already found herself in a second printing. Thank you!

So, no matter where you bought it, if you've got it, take a shot of Vera near a local landmark, or say, in the parking lot of your local McDoanlds...and send it to me!

The awesome Barb Annino sent me this from the Chicago area!

Back tomorrow for the FINAL STOP on the Pizza Delivery Blog Tour at Forever Young Adult.


--Deb said...

Such good timing since my copy just ARRIVED TODAY! (Woohoo!)

Alexis said...

Man...if only I had bought a copy of the book. I have a Nook so I bought it from there but I wish I could take a picture..

A.S. King said...

Rockin Deb! Thank you!

Alexis: Quick curiosity question: How were the flow charts on the Nook? I hear on the kindle they weren't great. That's sad because they were such an important part of the book for a lot of readers.

As for this project, who says you can't pull up the title page on that nook and take a picture of it somewhere pretty where you live? I say DO IT!

If we're anything around here, we're non-exclusionary. :)