Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holy Freakin' Goat Cheese, man.

So okay. Today was supposed to be a BIG work day for me. Trying to get to the end of part one in WIP. Trying to balance all this event madness coming at me (which I love every minute of because it means I am heading to indie bookstores far and wide to spread the word of Vera.) Trying to get all my little stuff done before I leave for ALAN Workshop on Saturday. A little hectic.

But we interupt this Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic to bring you two BIG-ASSED THINGS.
First, THE FINAL STOP on my Pizza Delivery Blog Tour has come and it's not your regular every day blog tour stop. It's a TRIPLE WHAMMY CRAZY INTERVIEW with the awesomeshizztastic ladies from Forever Young Adult so DO NOT MISS THIS.

Then there's this: PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ IS A KIRKUS BEST BOOK FOR TEENS IN 2010. I am not kidding. This discovery has given me a slap-across-the-face Laverne and Shirley moment and if I was to be honest, I poured myself a drink to wrap my little head around it. (And yes, editor Michelle, I DO BELIEVE this means dos enchiladas por favor!)

HERE'S THE LINK. I'm in some great company and very proud.

*bows in gratitude to all who made this happen.*

Now go read that interview. Seriously. I talk about getting to second base and my childhood fears. And it's my last stop ever, so it's kinda sentimental. Or just mental.

If you want to see the full list of Pizza Deliveries I've made in the last two months, here's the link to them.

Back to Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic. Tomorrow a school visit. Then, if I can finish this part one before I take off for Florida, I will be one happy little Dutchy.

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K. M. Walton said...

I told you your book was AWESOME!!! Congrats to you...you so deserve it.