Monday, November 8, 2010


Quick linkage before I get to work. PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ comes out in Spanish in Mexico/Latin America. It's called Ignoren a Vera Dietz por favor and the cover is over there to the left. I think Vera's bobo sneakers are cute. No comment on the rest. :)

The Story Siren reviewed VERA today over at her awesome blog. (Thank you!) VERA seems to leave a lot of people at a loss for words. Kristi had this to say:
"King is such a talented writer, and it couldn’t be more apparent than in this novel. I dare you to not be riveted by Vera’s story"
Also, for huge hair fun, go check out Melissa Walker's Before You Were Hot blog for a picture of me with  enormous glasses and hair. Can't beat it for a laugh.

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