Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Before I Jet South...

Two more days and I will be jetting to Orlando where the universe has aimed its cross hairs of awesome for the ALAN Workshop. Hundreds of authors. Hundreds of amazing teachers and librarians and other people dedicated to the advancement of adolescent literature. It's a little like being on my home planet for two days every year. Of course, this means there will be, for me anyway, some pool time. *omglookatthatpool* Can't visit my home planet and not swim, right?

So before I set off, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Pizza Delivery Blog Tour. Whether you hosted me or commented or visited to read, thank you for being a part of it! For anyone who would like a full list of stops, here's where your dream comes true:

Very Cool Interview here: You should check out this great interview at The Drinking Diaries. I was really thrilled the ladies asked me to come around because with the drinking themes in Please Ignore Vera Dietz, it seemed like the perfect place to talk openly about drinking, the "drinking genes" and how I talk to teens about not-so-great decisions in life and how to overcome those.

The Cover Story for Please Ignore Vera Dietz at the awesome Melissa Walker's Blog.
You can win a copy of the book if you comment on the post, so GO TO IT!

And here's another chance to win from Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner. Ends 12/1.
I'm afraid I don't have much more in me this week to get to review links. I do know the awesome Karoline enjoyed Vera and wrote about it on her blog and I believe my trusty assistant Carla raved to me about a great review written by The Book Smugglers. I thank you all out in the blogosphere who are writing about VERA DIETZ.

You will see Carla around more often now. She's helping me a lot with this side of things because I have to, upon returning from Orlando, go deep underground and WRITE MORE BOOKS. So, brief introductions: Carla, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Carla. (No, my Carla is not Rhea Perlman, but she's spunky like Carla on Cheers so I hum the theme song when I see her and it really annoys her and she often looks at me just like that.)

See you next week! Until then, join the Kindness Ninja Squad and go out of your way to be nice just for an hour this week. To people. To a book. To yourself.

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