Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Writer's Middle Finger Part Five & More Love For Vera!

Before I go strictly Vera-centric, let me point you to the continuation of my popular Writer's Middle Finger series. (If you never heard of this, don't worry. There's a link at the end of part five to all previous parts!)


Yes, the picture to the left is exactly what you think it is.
My apologies to any easily-offended people. Read the blog and you'll probably laugh. I mean, unless you're one of those never-laughing-easily-offended people. And if you are--what are you doing here? Didn't anyone tell you about me?

ALSO! I totally forgot to mention that this weekend I was on the front page of the Life section of my local newspaper, The Reading Eagle. If you want to read that article, go here. And look around. There's a companion article you can click on that includes an interview with a cool guy named Mark Letcher and he's very kind to me and Vera.As well as being very clever about YA lit in general.


First: Check out Linda Gerber's blog for a BONUS PIZZA DELIVERY TOUR STOP where Vera and I get our numbers done in celebration of Linda's new book TRANCE which comes out this week.
Linda also asks me a few great questions about VERA, and I share a picture of my former life...on potato harvest day...

Here is an AMAZING review from Lori at Pure Imagination. I am so happy I blew you away, Lori. I live for that. A snippet:
"What makes this book so special? The writing! A.S. King has a way of telling you a story that will make you turn pages faster than you ever have before. The story is beautifully complex without being over done. She weaves the mystery and questions in flawlessly, but you don't get impatient for answers because the path to get there is so engaging."
Jackie Morse Kessler has a sweet (because she is sweet) birthday message up for Vera with a few links you might want to follow--Death's interviews with Vera and Saffron, from D100D, and especially her own blog tour stop of the day at Steph Su's blog. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I loved Jackie's book HUNGER. It's out next week. Pre-order it. NOW.

Oh! This just in! A review from Stories and Sweeties Little Miss Becky!
"Highly recommended, but steel yourself...this one is a bit of a bumpy emotional ride"
Agreed, Becky. Glad you said something about that.

PAST REVIEWERS!  Amazon is finally allowing reviews on their Vera page! Please share your thoughts! I thank you! *bows*

TONIGHT: my first event at my old neighborhood's library. (See my event page for more details.) If you have a library near your house, thank the gods for it. (My kids are so sick of hearing me say that.) This library didn't exist when I was a kid and we had to go 15-20 minutes by car to get to ours. If it wasn't for wonderful people who worked hard to get this library built, and the wonderful people who run it, it would not serve the community as it does. I am so glad the kids who live in my old neighborhood can get there on their bikes!

I'll be back tomorrow to hook you up with more links and maybe run a COOL GAME for PRIZES. Until then...THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE CONGRATULATED ME TODAY. Vera and I really appreciate it.

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