Sunday, October 3, 2010

Winner and BFYA Nomination!

I am SO SORRY it took me this long to get the blog up today. I know I said I'd announce a winner today and then life--you know--kinda took over. First of all a HUGE thank you to ALL entrants. It's not easy tossing out your creative brains for the world to see and every single entry was awesome. Seriously. You make this too difficult. That said, four particular entries stood out in the end and we finally picked a winner about four minutes ago after reading the four finalists' entries like five times each.

WINNER: Book Addict (I've emailed you for a mailing address.)

I will admit, considering something very similar to your story happened to me once, I had to make sure I wasn't favoring your entry by asking my usual trusty readers to make sure it was awesome all by itself. It is and you win!

And while we're on the subject, two other finalists also hit on nearly identical scenes from my past pizza delivery life: Kathy (OMG, why do people let their dogs out when pizza is coming?) and Beth. (Though Beth, the poop analogy was new to me and now I will never ask the kids to take the pepperoni off their pizza again thanks.) Isabel, you were the final finalist. Can't say that ever happened to me. But the dialogue rocked. And you rock. 

Stay tuned. New contest on Tuesday. And it'll be fun.

And HEY! I found out today that PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ was nominated for BFYA (Best Fiction for Young Adults). I feel so thrilled to be in such great company again this year!
Thank you readers and librarians and all the kind people who are digging VERA and getting the word out!

I'm stoked. To give thanks, I visited the pagoda today. HUGE BONUS POINTS for anyone who can tell me the TWO things in this picture from PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ. (Yeah.. the first one is obvious. The second one, not so much.)

See you Tuesday!


Aaron Pound said...

THank you so very much! It was my first contest win of any kind!

Liviania said...

No! The picture isn't showing for me.

But congrats on the nom!

A.S. King said...


Sadness! It's a really short and silly video...but if it's not showing I'm thinking I need to start uploading to youtube and linking here rather than uplaoding to Blogger.

Anyone else having trouble seeing the vid?

And thank you!

Beth from the pool said...

I can't see the picture. I can't play vidoes at work. But there isn't even a picture. Will check again at home tonight.

Sara J. Henry said...

On my end, picture shows up - video runs fine. (You have to look at it on your actual site, not through a reader like Google Reader.)