Monday, October 25, 2010

VERA is going to college!

Today is PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ's first day as a college textbook. The book is part of the University of Delaware's English Language Institute curriculum which is using contemporary fiction to teach English as a second language to students. As well as discussing the novel, the class will complete projects based on the book's themes and later in the semester, I will be talking to them via Skype to talk about how I wrote the book and answer any questions they might have.

 Now don't be cross with me, but I can't update you on all sorts of great news and the recap of my Arizona trip just quite yet. I have final edits to do on EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS and a girl has to have priorities, you know? So, expect me to come back later this week to give you all sorts of coolness. Pictures--even a wee bit of video...and the flat tire story.

It will be fun.

Until then, I just wanted you to know that Vera got to college. :) We're very proud parents.


Anonymous said...

We're so happy to have her in class.
The students in the NOVEL CLASS

bermudaonion said...

What exciting news! I wish you'd come to South Carolina.

A.S. King said...


I hope you enjoy the journey!

Bermudaonion:I would love to come to South Carolina one day!

EJ said...

Seriously cool.