Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Please Ignore Vera Dietz Launch Party

Quickly--Before I Forget!
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Congratulations and I've sent you an email for your mailing address!

Now, About That PARTY.

Wow. Okay. You know, I'm not much of a party person anymore.
So, when the good people at Aaron's Books (that'd be Sam & Todd) told me that they wanted to throw me a launch party, I have to say I faltered for a while. Dilly-dallied. Might have even seemed standoffish. Then they said to me one day, "Amy, just let us do it. Have some fun, will you?"
So I said yes.
And I am so glad I did!
A HUGE thank you to all who could make it and came to help us celebrate. A HUGE thank you to Nic, my awesome sales rep for coming up for the party, and for Sam & Todd, of course (and Grammy and Gramps and Aaron) for throwing such a great event. And an extra thank you to Ben for providing amazing music for the night. (Dude--I was totally kidding about the Hendrix. I LOVED your set. Everyone commented to me about how awesome you are, too.)

Here are some pictures...more to come, as they come in. Most of these I stole (with permission) from my BFF Maria Kolevas, except for the 2nd one which I stole from the Aaron's Books facebook page.

 The Awesome Cake. And the awesome cupcakes with awesome pictures! (Oh Sam! How You Rock!)

 Me and the table 'o books.

Post-mingling and pizza, Amy made a small speech thanking everyone for coming. She explained that the choice of food for the night (pizza and non-alcoholic beverages) was dictated by the book, considering Vera is a pizza delivery driver who struggles with a family history of alcoholism. She then asked the room full of people from all areas of her life (past teachers, fellow library trustees, fellow pool rats, friends from high school, family, and random people from the community) " many of you have seen me wear a t-shirt like this before?" After peals of laughter and an entire room of raised hands, Amy went on to explain the Indiebound movement and how even if you live in a location with only chain bookstores, you can now shop locally ONLINE, so you can still support family-run community businesses. Bottom line: Indies nationwide have always chosen to support Amy's work, which is why she chooses to support independent bookstores right back and wears one of these t-shirts every day. 
And no, she did not play the guitar. That was Ben, who ROCKED.
I have no idea why I switched into third person for that part of my party commentary. But I did. 
Anyway, after the short speech about supporting the community and the economy by shopping locally, I read a really small piece of Please Ignore Vera Dietz and then got straight to work...

I signed for about an hour and a half and I thank every single one of you who stood in that line!

I call this picture:
Behind every insane author is a really awesome man.
Meet Mr. King--love of my life, raiser of my children, cooker of my dinner most nights these days and the best guy ever. 23 years and it keeps getting better. And he supports me like no one else. I wish this type of partner on every person in the whole world.
I love this picture. 
I'm usually pretty private, but since those on FB saw some shots of him, I figured now was as good a time as any to show him off and share this amazing shot.

Now, I must remind you that tomorrow night I will be at the ROBESONIA COMMUNITY LIBRARY at 6:30. Come and talk to me! Before that I get to go talk to students at Conrad Weiser High School! GO SCOUTS! So, now, I have the rest of the day to figure out exactly what I'm going to say to them and start packing for ARIZONA.
I'll be back Tuesday with a quick run down of Arizona events!

Thank you again to everyone who came out last night & for everyone who is supporting us, Vera and everyone who has shown kindness. I bow gratefully in your direction and send good vibes.


Cass said...

Sounds like you're very busy. I saw the pics on Facebook. :) That last photo is pretty nice. Congrats on selling out! They knew it would all go. I really dig how into IndieBound you are. It's pretty awesome. It'd be awesome if IndieBound were to expand into global listings, so that I could discover some indie bookshops over here.

A.S. King said...

Thanks for your comment, Cass.
I have a good friend in Germany who had to look around for her indies, but she found them and supports the heck out of them now.

I can't help my support of indies. They've always supported me and the community is so friendly and accessible it's hard NOT to support them.
And hey! Congratulations!

Lenore Appelhans said...

OMG - I adore that shot of you and Mr King!

I've found an indie in Frankfurt to support.

A.S. King said...

Lenore: It is my favorite shot of all time. It's so fitting. I'm framing the sucker.

And yay for your Frankfurt Indie! I have a friend in Berlin who has also found an indie there to support.

Local love makes the world go round.