Friday, October 22, 2010

Mid-Arizona Awesome

Wow. I have a lot of links to share to a lot of cool blogs and reviews and interviews and pictures.

But first, hello from Arizona, where it is considerably cool for Arizona. But lovely! Yesterday I did an ALA Teen Reads event at ARIZONA'S LARGEST HIGH SCHOOL, Hamilton High School. I have to say, coming from a small high school--WOW. It was HUGE. Just really really enormous. Which makes sense, I guess, but I've seen hospitals smaller than this high school. The library is gorgeous and Tim Loge, the organizer and  head librarian is just too groovy for words. Also, Tom Leveen? Author of PARTY? Is. Amazing. Holy. Cow. What a speaker and what a character.

Here's Tom, me and Tim thanks to THE AWESOME Shannon Bailey:

The event went really well--the saxophone quintet was amazing, the awesome Nick Granum ROCKED us out with some killer acoustic tracks and we all had a smashing time. Great book club, great students who asked GREAT questions. My favorite question of the day relating to D100D:

THEM: Why, if Emer wanted to come back so much, didn't she purposely kill herself as fast as possible during her dog lives?
ME: Some did.
THEM: But why not every time?
ME: How would she do that?
THEM: Like, jump in front of a truck.
ME: Trucks only showed up in the early 20th century.
THEM: Well, other ways, then.
ME: Like how?
THEM: Like jumping off a cliff.
ME: Jumping off a cliff? A dog would know where to find a cliff? Where is your nearest cliff? Seriously. Show me to your nearest cliff.

Missy from B&N then joined the conversation to explain that the 300 year long journey Emer takes as an assortment of dogs was necessary for her to become a Saffron that was capable of doing what Saffron does...and we moved on. It was so much fun! And a huge shout out to all Hamilton HS students who came to the library yesterday to participate!

OH! And then at the end,  I saw an Arizona double rainbow! Proof:

After that, I went out to dinner with a huge group of awesome people--teachers, librarians, readers, booksellers, and we had a lovely outdoor meal. So a HUGE THANK YOU to Tim Loge for setting the whole event up, and to Tom Leveen who taught me a lot about how to pace and talk and look really cool by doing so, and to EVERYONE who came out last night for the meal. I'm not all that good at feeling famous, but you all made me feel famous.



First, a newspaper review in the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star.
"King's voice and gift for capturing the delusions of high school are impeccable and timeless"
Over at Library Lounge Lizard, there an amazing review I found thanks to Twitter:
"Love it, love it love it! Seriously, a must read ages 15 and up! Read. It. NOW."
 You'll find a sweet review from The Book Scout here.
"Please Ignore Vera Dietz was one of the most original and well written books I've read in awhile and I definitely recommend picking this up!"
Today, I am writing new material. I have a few hours and I haven't been able to work on the next book in a while, and nothing will stop me! Just got room service breakfast ordered because this blog took entirely too long to write! Then...writing!

And I will be at BARNES & NOBLE at the Chandler fashion Mall tonight from 7-9 signing books and talking and generally being me! Come around and see me!


Can't wait!


Shanni said... totally rocked..I will say it here and on facebook!

A.S. King said...

You totally rocked for coming and thank you so much for the chat about teaching. It was really helpful & you are a sweetie pie.