Friday, October 15, 2010

Launch Week Chaos ROCKS

Before I even start I want to invite you to join me at #litchat on twitter this afternoon at 4pm ET for "An Hour of Rebellion" with A.S. King. What does this mean? You will have to come and find out. Come to twitter. Look for this hashtag: #litchat

This week has been insane. And that's thanks to YOU.
So we'll start with thank yous. Thank you to every supporter and every person who bought the book or spread the word or retweeted or linked or said, "Hey! Congratulations!" Thank you to everyone who is participating in my Pizza Delivery Blog Tour. (Today's stop: Booking Mama...more below.) Thank you to every person who is waiting patiently for me to return an interview (getting there...promise) and thank you to everyone who has come out or will come out to see me.

I need to thank whoever at Barnes & Noble decided to make this insanely awesome banner for my Chandler Arizona event. I finally got a picture and I have to share because
<------------HOLY COW. Dude. A BANNER.
I hope maybe you'll carry my books soon. In the meantime, I send thanks for the banner and for Missy & Sibley, two of the nicest, finest people I have ever met. Can't wait to see them next week.

I also want to thank the guy who flipped me off yesterday because I was driving the speed limit in a construction zone and the two people at the restaurant who gave me dirty looks as my toddler talked a little too loudly for a whopping 20 seconds. Look--she was EXCITED. We were there to CELEBRATE the PW star. We said CHEERS! We clinked glasses. We had a group family hug. Deal with it. You know, some people ARE allowed to be happy.

Now that that's out of the way, let me give you some awesome linkage and reporting.


Today, the Pizza Delivery Blog tour continues with an amazing interview by Booking Mama. The blog includes a shot of the Rading, PA Pagoda at night by my first real boyfriend, Matt Smith, who was kind enough to give me permission to use it. I found it kinda fitting he took that picture considering Charlie and Vera's relationship.

This week there have been some sweet reviews including this one from Aaron Pound at Dreaming About Other Worlds:
"To pay homage to the book, here is me using the word "brilliant" in a sentence: Please Ignore Vera Dietz is, quite simply, a brilliant book. Casting an unflinching eye upon that wonderful and tragic moment in a person's life in which they are balanced between fantastic unrealized possibilities and the awful potential for utter failure, the book presents the very real struggles of children yearning to become the adults they want to be"
 Aaron, man can you write a review. Holy smokes. Thanks.

Also, yesterday, Vera and I were featured on Random Acts of Reading, a blog run by Random House Children's Books sales reps. I loved this blog because it features a video I made about the making of Please Ignore Vera Dietz, my love Indiebound t-shirts and how I think my sales reps are superheroes.

I thank those of you who have spread the word via Amazon, Library Thing, B&N, Goodreads and all those other places.

STILL A FEW HOURS TO WIN A COPY! Here at Carrie's blog. All you have to do is comment and a signed book will be yours! (Spread the word and your chances increase, too!) Ends tonight at midnight!


TUESDAY I had my first VERA event at my old neighborhood library and I told you that I might cry. And let me tell you, it was a freaking miracle I didn't. (I cried on the way home though, so that probably counts.) It was a room full of friends and family and here's the big  one: my teachers. My favorite teachers who made me who I am--or allowed me to be who I am--or whatever you want to call it. One of them dressed in native American gear because I once wrote him a letter to thank him for being weirder than me in high school. He'd made me feel okay to be weird. So he wore the garb on Tuesday so I didn't feel too weird. It worked. Because, as usual, I was under-dressed (jeans and NO! an Indieboud t-shirt.) (And YES, I gave the 2 minute Indiebound speech too. You bet.) I am what I am, folks. Plus, I'm less distracted if I don't have to think about my slip showing. Anyway--it was a GREAT event and I will kick off every darn book there from now on. Not in a launch party way, but in a community get-together way. Seeing some of those people just made my year. THE ONLY TROUBLE: I do not stop and take pictures. Seriously. This must be rectified. I must start taking pictures. Dammit. It was my one instant regret upon driving home. AND I HAD MY CAMERA. (Picture above, thanks to Laura, one of the ECL librarians.)

TOMORROW (Saturday) is the National Launch party at Aaron's Books in Lititz, PA. I think you may have heard me mention it before. :)
Attendees: I'm warning you. I will be wearing (shock!) jeans and an indiebound t-shirt! This is informal and chilled. It's A.S. King, man. And it's VERA. Pizza, munchies, drinks. Bring the kids. Don't be shy and browse the awesome books. A lot of them are used and you never know what you might find. To Todd, Sam and Aaron--THANK YOU for planning such a cool party! I cannot WAIT.

MONDAY Oct 18th  I will be at my local high school for Teen Reads Week! This makes me so so so so excited. Go Scouts. See you Monday! I'll be talking about how music has influenced my writing just as much as (or more than?) reading amazing literarture.

THEN MONDAY at 6:30  I will be at my own awesome community library in Robesonia continuing the conversation and generally chatting about whatever anyone wants to chat about. Might read a little form the book depending on the crowd. Very excited about this because I serve on the board there and they support me and are very kind.

THEN I LEAVE FOR ARIZONA, which is a whole other post to be posted, I guess before I leave!! All of you in the Phoenix area, check my event links and you will see where I'll be and when.

I'll be back on Sunday with a full report from the launch party!


Aaron Pound said...

Thanks for mentioning my review, but when I clicked on the link you put up it seems to be broken. Maybe it is just my lousy browser software, but it may need to be fixed.

A.S. King said...

Thank you for the heads up! I was rushing between preschool and party favors this morning and didn't check links.
And hey--thanks. I am so glad you got Vera as deeply as you did. As an author, it's a really special thing to have people TOTALLY get me.


Joanne Levy said...

Happy Launch Week!

Here's to lots of great events - wish I could attend, but I'm stuck here waiting for my copies of VERA to arrive (seems they're coming by dogsled).