Friday, October 29, 2010

I Have So Much to Tell You (Part Two)

    Welcome back for Part Two of the I Have So Much to Tell You blog!
    I took a shower yesterday AND today! Big deal during this crazy edit time! Yay for showers.
    And during the day, my Table of Contents got longer...which is why it took me until today to get this let's just do this thing.

    6. We're going to start by finishing up in Arizona.
    I arrived home safely from Barnes & Noble with my spare tire still in tact and used my hotel free drink token because it seemed like the perfect time to do it. Two guys at the bar asked me after about five minutes of chatting if I was a comedian. I have been asked this before and I do not get it. I'm this heavy babe, right? Stop trying to tell me I'm funny.

    So Saturday, I got up really early and I returned my rental car and I used the Jedi Mind Trick on the lady at the counter AND IT WORKED. "The gentleman I spoke to on the phone last night said that since you gave me a a car with a soft tire that went flat after I drove a whopping 12 miles on it, that you would waive the early return fee." And seriously. Early return fee. Pppfffttt.

    Then I ate breakfast with one of my favorite people on the planet, Lisa McMann. I had French Toast, if you're curious. She had something very Southwestern-looking and used utensils. I mean, as opposed to eating with her hands. So, to sum that up, we ate, we talked and neither of us ate with our hands. Well done us.

    Then, Lisa had to go do an event across town and the awesome Book Babe (AKA Faith, which personally, I think is a fitting-as-hell name) came and picked me up so we'd be in time for James A. Owen's talk at Changing Hands Bookstore, which is one of my favorite bookstores. James was mesmerizing and I will forever be completely envious of two things about him: A. His ability to draw so magnificently and B. His ability to keep his hair in total control. The man has amazing hair--something I've never had. I've had crazy hair, yes--that may have seemed amazing, but James has the hair thing going on.

    I did my thing--blah blah blah--you know, read from VERA, talked about Vera, Charlie and destiny and answered questions. We had a lot of pagoda fans in the audience. This picture is for you guys. The real deal. Photo credit goes to my teenage sweetheart, Matt Smith.

    Then, after everyone got their books signed and we gabbed, I got a picture with Brandi, the awesome Changing Hands event coordinator, and also a great one I stole from Amy K. Nichols of Amy, Faith and me. I love that shot, ladies!
    Again--a HUGE thank you to the supportive people who came out to see me. You all know who you are and you all rock like crazy. And Jim, I will see you next month. Your support means so much to me!

    Then, I went to this dinner that had so many awesome authors I nearly died. I got to meet some wicked-cool author spousal units too, which I love doing because Mr. King is so cool, so I know all writers must be married to equally groovy people because who else would put up with writers? I have no pictures of this night, but I can namedrop and you can picture it. James A. Owen, John Lewis, Janette Rallison, Aprilynn Pike, Tom Leveen, Lisa McMann and the Book Babe and Jim Blasingame, who is too awesome for words and wore his Philadelphia Harley shirt just for me. :) Add to this to writer spouses and two awesome booksellers and you've got a party.

    About those booksellers...
    I want to toss this out there because I thought it was so so so so awesome. At this same table sat an indie bookseller (the awesome Brandi from Changing Hands) and a chain bookseller (the awesome Missy from B&N) and better YET? They share ARCs with each other. THAT, as an indie supporter who also has some amazing chain bookseller friends around the country, made my heart soar.

    And here are two random pictures I took on my way out of town. First, a sign from my hotel room that has to be a COMPLETE LIE. Flooding WHERE? I was on the 4th floor. In PHOENIX. ARIZONA. Seriously. FLOODING?

    And then the awesome carpet in Sky Harbor airport. I want this carpet.

    7. More good book news...PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ got a splendid Recommended review from the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books  which is really amazing. Here's a snippet of that one.
     King offers a perceptive exploration of a particular kind of friendship, one where one friend is undergoing agonies beyond the power of the other to help. Vera’s own troubles—her abandonment by her mother, the strictness and emotional evasion of her recovering-alcoholic father—get sympathetic treatment, but it’s clear that Vera is loved and cared for in a way that Charlie, stuck in a poisonous, abusive home, simply wasn’t. Yet it’s Vera’s life even more than Charlie’s that’s under scrutiny here, especially since Vera still has the possibility of making changes, both in her dealing with Charlie’s memory and in her ongoing relationships. The writing is emotional yet unfussy, and Vera’s tendency to see and perceive Charlie in every place and every thing is both effective and affecting. It’s not uncommon for the dysfunction in one friend’s life to start sowing seeds of doom for a friendship, and Vera’s poignant take on her double loss will resonate with many readers.
    8. Come and SEE ME!

    I will be at Exton Square Mall Borders Express THIS SATURDAY, October 30th from 1-3pm
    Here's a link!

    9. Don't forget! There's a signed copy of PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ up for grabs over at Steph Bowe's Pizza Delivery Tour Post. Go here and comment to enter. It's international. Ends 10-29-10 at midnight EST.

    10. And Finally...More Great Linkage!

    Steph Wardrop, awesome literature professor and old friend of the family had this to say on her blog Smells Like T(w)een Spirit:   
    "[The book] presents a very real world and the very real problems of young adults, especially those inherited, legacies of violence, alcoholism, poverty, and pain.  But it also shows how all of this can be overcome and, in the end, a kind of peace, even justice, can be found."
     Joanne over at My Brain on Books wrote a really great post called Ten Reasons to Pay Attention to Vera Dietz. I'll quote from #1:
    "The voice of the 18-year-old narrator is spot-on.  She's sardonic, smart, sarcastic and very real.  By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, this is a story about a girl desperately trying to survive her senior year in high school by flying under the radar as she always has."
    And finally, Cade from Braintasia Books wrote a really awesome review too.I LOVE the way she starts her review. In fact, I should have a t-shirt with this printed on it. Becasue I'm kinda like that in real life too.
    "Please Ignore Vera Dietz is one of those books that makes you think. If you're looking for something light and fluffy where everyone rides away into the sunset on fluffy white unicorns, blissfully oblivious to everything around them, then you should probably just stop now."

    11. Oops...added last minute...A Bidding War!  
    This is pure bragging right here. Don't say I didn't warn you. But Sara Zarr, Sara J. Henry and Heather Brewer have started a bidding war over a personalized signed copy of PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ here at Swati Avasthi's charity event to benefit organizations that help stop family violence. Here's a link in case you want to join in the fun.

    And better yet! Teachers, librarians and book clubs don't forget you can get a $150 hour-long Skype visit from me for cheap at the same auction! Here's the link to that one...only 3 more days on both of these items and all for a great great cause.

    WOW!! I got to the end of all that news! Holy Late nights, Batman. Now...I must scurry back into the cave. ANTS edits are due next week and I've got some writing to do on the new book after that...I will keep you posted. Next week's stops on the Pizza Blog Tour are awesome and I plan to FINALLY start running some more writing contests.


    Amy Nichols said...

    That *is* a great picture of the three of us. :)

    Lisa McMann said...

    I love that you love our airport carpet.

    Great AZ recap! And I have to admit that I did eat with my hands when using a corn tortilla.


    A.S. King said...

    I also lied. I ate some bacon with my hands.

    So our secret is out.
    We eat with our hands.

    Is there a support group for this?

    Amy: agreed! Amazing picture!