Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Have So Much to Tell You (Part One)

Okay. I have so much to tell you I feel like I have to have a table of contents to keep me on track.
  1. Part One: Pizza Delivery Blog Tour stop with Jen Blom
  2. Great news from Voya & Quick Picks
  3. VERA in Arizona Part one
  4. Cool Links
  5. INTERMISSION (Breathe. Have Lunch. Stretch. AMY: Take a shower. This deadline is making you smell.)
  6. Vera in Arizona Part two
  7. Great news from The Bulletin
  8. Exton Square Mall Signing reminder 
  9. More great links
1. Today's Pizza Delivery Blog Tour stop is over in Berlin at Jen Blom's blog. I adore Jen. She's a fellow Independent book store lover, she's got a great MG book coming out in April next year, POSSUM SUMMER, and she's just pure awesome. If you want to know if I was weird in high school, do stop by and see our interview. If you want to see past stops on the Pizza Delivery Blog Tour click here.

2. PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ got a downright AMAZING highlighted review in October's issue of VOYA. Here's a snippet:
It is hard to describe how deeply affecting this story is. Vera and Charlie are both the victims of extremely bad parenting, but that only scratches the surface of the novel. The writing is phenomenal, the characters unforgettable. The narrative weaves through the past and present, mostly from Vera's viewpoint but with telling asides from other characters. There is so much in here for young people to think about, presented authentically and without filters: drinking and its consequences; the social hierarchy of high school; civic responsibilities; and teens' decisions to accept or reject what their parents pass down to them. It is a gut-wrenching tale about family, friendship, destiny, the meaning of words, and self-discovery. It will glow in the reader for a long time after the reading, just like the neon red pagoda that watches over Vera and her world. 
Yes, I know that's a long snippet, but man is that one nice review. *a bow of gratitude for your patience*

More cool book news: VERA DIETZ was nominated for ALA's Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, which is is just too awesome for words. (Especially for this former literacy teacher. A big WOOT there.) We wish her luck on making the list and thank whoever is responsible for that nomination.

3. VERA in Arizona...Part One
So where did we leave off?
Hamilton High School in Chandler?
How cool Tom Leveen is? I need to tell you about my awesome night at Barnes and Noble in Chandler and my Saturday at Changing Hands where I met James Owen (yes! That James Owen!) and met up with all sorts of awesome people who support me so much, I wish I could by them all cars. Or pay off their mortgages or build them their own skyscraper. (I guess I'd better start writing back to those people who write to me every day from Nigeria about those lottery winnings so I can one day do these things.) Seriously. People are so nice to me in Arizona, I have never wanted to move anywhere more in my life. Except for Ireland, and well...look what happened with that.
ANYWAY. Here's a picture of the type of thing that awaited me at Chandler B&N:

Holy crap, right? That's a BANNER.

But before I got there, I discovered, in my hotel parking lot (thank the gods), that my rental car had a flat tire. And in my extreme luck, there was a guy named Cisco outside having a smoke when I discovered this, who said, as I walked around the back of the car to inspect the front passenger tire, "Oh that's flat, man. Don't worry. I'll fix it for you." Then he rolled up his sleeves and he changed my tire for me while I called the rental company (who told me to put the spare on and return the car right then. Uh dudes. I have things to do, you know?)
Anyway, Cisco changed my tire in like 5 minutes and became my new hero.

So when I got to B&N I bought him a mug. Because all heroes need mugs to remind them that they rock:

Anyway, after I was done shopping for Cisco, the amazing Sibley and Missy of B&N were there and they treated me like a queen and made me feel so welcome, as they always do. I got to read to a great bunch of people and we engaged in a cool conversation for quite some time, which was really different and fun. Then, I signed, and though I wanted to hang out for a drink with the ladies, that damn spare tire had me concerned and I just wanted to get back to the hotel in case it was soft, too. Chandler Barnes and Noble ROCKS. Missy and Sibley ROCK. (Bonus of my trip: I got to see Missy 3 times because she came to my Changing Hands event and the awesome Book Babe-arranged dinner afterward! And we have companion tattoos, you know. So, we're like, blood sisters. And check out her t-shirt, man.)

Next installment of Arizona with pictures, more good news, more links and more fun to come later this afternoon in Part Two of this blog.

Until then, in case you're wondering if you'd like VERA DIETZ or not, have a look at these cool reviews:

4. Linkage!

Here's a really cool review of VERA over at Ranging Bibliomania. A snippet:
 "After reading this book I think I've decided to take more of a chance with YA literature. It was very different from the types of books I usually read, but the story and characters were no less resonant and important and it had the added bonus of being a very creatively crafted book"
 And yesterday, I found this one on Twitter thank to K.M. Walton over at her blog, Some Things I Think. 
"I finished the book in two days. It's that good. Get your hands on a copy and meet Vera (you're going to absolutely love her personality - her depth - her vulnerability...her)"

 Please feel free to grab a snack.
We will be back later this afternoon...evening...


K. M. Walton said...

No way did you quote me on your blog! I just screamed out loud. How cool.

Oh and Ireland is my very favorite place on this planet -- so jealous you got to live there. I've been there twice and long to go back almost monthly.

A.S. King said...

Yeah way I did!
I have a lovely filter named Mr. King and he makes sure I get my hands on reviews like yours so I can publicly thank you and link you. SO..THANK YOU! I'm so glad you enjoyed PIVD so much.

Hey--did you follow that link to Jen Blom's Pizza Delivery blog tour today? I told her about my favorite Irish pubs. If you go over a lot, you should go check out Sherkin Island if you haven't. You'd love it , I bet.

K. M. Walton said...

I'll check out that link! I haven't been to Sherkin Island - only to one of the Aran islands - which was my favorite part of both trips. Totally loved Galway and Portsalon. Will get back there one day...