Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am Totally Late to BBAW.

BBAW is Book Blogger Appreciation Week. It was last week. I am so late. But I wanted to write a quick post about book bloggers because my respect and appreciation for book bloggers is enormous.

My first book, The Dust of 100 Dogs, was largely promoted by book bloggers who spread the word and helped it see quite a bit of success for a quirky book published by a groovy mid-sized indy publisher that didn't get into some chain stores right away. In fact, we're in our 5th printing now, so I feel I owe A LOT of love to book bloggers for this. A lot. Like--skyscraper-sized love. (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)

Now that my next book, Please Ignore Vera Dietz is coming out, I knew the book blogging community would spread the word again, which they are certainly doing. I did think we'd have less trouble with availability this time around, though...but I was wrong. I found out from Random House that chain availability might be spotty (or even non-existent in places) which caused a ripple of mixed feelings.

(Please--if you want to buy VERA DIETZ, check availability first. Buy it from an independent bookstore, or online through your favorite retailer (including indie online stores!) But if you want to buy in-store at a chain, please call ahead to check if they have it first. It's a bummer, I know, but what we often forget as readers is: most chain stores are a little like top 40 radio stations. They don't carry every book that's released, and so, if you want something a little out of the ordinary, you might have to order it.)

*ANYWAY--Back to the awesomeness of the book blogging community.*
When I discovered that chain availability was going to be scattered (after a deep sigh and the usual cursing) I called out to my book blogging friends and said, "Um. Please Help?" And do you know what the response was?
Reader, can you feel the love?
Because I sure could. I admit, this Vulcan dropped a small tear at the thought of it. So, to those bloggers--you know who you are--thank you so very much for your help and your brains and your time and your generosity. And your solidarity. I appreciate it more than I can really express without offering you a herd of camels or something.

In conclusion:
Book bloggers are generous, yes, and friendly and sweet and all those things. But I bet there's something you didn't know about them that I do. They are all SUPERHEROES. They hold down jobs, go to college or high school and have lives, just like the rest of us...and yet they read many books per week and manage to entertain and educate us about what they're reading through their blogs. Seriously. Book bloggers are from a planet where either the days are longer than 24 hours, creatures have twice the amount of energy than regular humans or do not require to sleep.

Yes. I've said it. Book bloggers are BENEVOLENT SUPERHERO ALIENS.
Sorry to blow your cover, guys. But I just couldn't hold in the secret anymore. And yes, I'm talking to all of you. Even if you hate me or my books. Don't care. You rock. Full stop. Don't know how you do it but I sure as hell hope you keep on writing, because the reading world would be a poorer place without you.

This past week, Please Ignore Vera Dietz reviews have started to pop up on some wonderful blogs:

Michelle from Michelle's Minions made my Monday morning with this line: "Fans of John Green will love this quirky and original book." Her review concludes: "This is a story that will leave you feeling a little bit sad. It will make you laugh, leave you thinking, surprise you and even make you feel a little bit liberated. If you are looking for an intelligent, edgy and unusual book, I highly recommend Please Ignore Vera Dietz."

Reading Junkie shared her review this weekend:  "A.S. King draws readers into Vera's world and then slowly peels away the layers to reveal each and every secret.  The characters speak realistically and the situations ring true making King's story flow smoothly despite the many shifts in focus.  This novel will please King's fans and earn her many new ones."

Ravenous Reader said: " . . . you may be left haunted by some of its darker moments but A.S. King has the power to create a story that while compelling, brutal and comically twisted you will be glad that you have read it."

A review over at Sarah's Random Musings said: ". . .[A.S. King's] writing is insightful and heartbreaking, while inspiring and beautiful in the turn of a page. Please Ignore Vera Dietz is more than a coming of age story. It is one of those books that after you read it, you will be just thinking "Wow!""

A huge thank you to all of you dedicated book bloggers out there for your hard work.
You all rock.
Live long and prosper.

Now I'm off to the NAIBA conference.
See you later this week where I will reveal the evil pizza-related plan.

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