Friday, August 20, 2010

A Winner & A Promise

Yes, of course my panel of snappily-dressed judges bickered all night long. I moved them to the garage so the kids could sleep, but frankly, the garage was not far enough away. I don't know what time they agreed on a winner. Last time I checked in, they were cranky, starving and weren't talking to me, so I put in earplugs and went to sleep. This morning I found this note tacked to my kitchen table:

Really great entries this time. We got it down to five finalists and then picked the winner from a hat.
the epic rat

The winning entry: After running what Coach assigned the cross country team to do, I came around the back of the school and saw Leo, the tall, new junior on the team. He didn’t talk much, his glasses were always crooked, and I always saw him with a comic book. Before the season ended, I would speak to him. 

That's you, Bianca!
I've been in touch for a mailing address and will get your ARC to you ASAP!Congratulations!

A huge thank you to ALL participants and a special shout out to new faces, familiar faces, and to my awesome Norwegian fan Karoline!

The Promise:  If you come back next week, there will be another chance to win!

Until then, here's one of Vera's favorite songs. And you can't deny it. Billy's afro in this is probably the bossest thing that ever existed.

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Unknown said...

Excellent story Bianca. It deserved to get into the hat.