Monday, August 16, 2010

Stretch for a VERA ARC

Yes, you read that right. Vera ARC. (Advance Copy) Hard to get, aren't they?
I have one to give away to whoever wins this writing challenge. It's been a while since we did this here on the blog and I wonder do you guys get rusty after a break like I do? We still have two months to wait before VERA hits shelves, but in only a few little weeks the contests will begin. Are your brains ready? Do you need to stretch?

THE DEAL: It's officially 56 days until PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ Launch Day.

You have 56 hours (from 1PM or 1300 today EST) to construct a story that is 56 words long, about any subject you want. (Please be reasonable and stay on the upper side of classy, thanks.) Remember that we want stories that make us say wow. Take care stacking your words.

IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL RULE: You must use one of these words in your story:  
Winner chosen by 4 anonymous snappily-dressed judges and announced on Friday.

Please leave your story in the comment area - don't forget to leave your email address! (safe format: asking (at) as-king (dot) com )

DEADLINE: Wednesday, Aug 18th 2010, 9PM EST



Unknown said...

Classy Pizza Crooked Radio

Who ME classy? Puh-lease! The same "Me" that eats Pizza while doing the morning Radio show? Not. I would rather be known as crooked. The whole school knows that I am not right anyway. So do not label me. Just not my style. I am going to be known as the only ONE that got away.

Thanks Mindy

patty said...

When you try to run away from a nightmare

There must be a place where I can go.I'm looking around me, and i feel their presence.My heart is beating faster, my blood is boiling.I have tears in my eyes, and it fells realy annoying.
My blood is stuck in my head.My body feels so strange to me.
There must be a way to get out of this.

patty said...

When you try to run away from a nightmare

There must be a place where I can go.I'm looking around me, and i feel their presence.My heart is beating faster, my blood is boiling.I have tears in my eyes, and it feels really annoying.I need to get away from this.
There's only a crooked road.No metter where it takes me.It's my only hope.

patty said...

I've posted two comments.But please take in account the second one.The first has several mistakes.Thank you

patty said...

my email address is I forgot to mwntion it before

EJ said...


“The drums, of all things. Why did he decide to learn the damn drums? Night and day, day and night, pound bloody pound. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t hear the frickin’ radio for the pounding.”

“Yes, Mam, I can see how that could get irritating. Now, would you mind handing over the shotgun?”


Judy S said...

Damn her dreams of being a photographer. Without them she wouldn’t have been squatting in the grass, her lens deliberately capturing the abandoned barn and accidentally photographing the illegal transaction. She wouldn’t have dropped her keys. She wouldn’t now be running from men firing guns, hoping her crooked path would keep her safe from their bullets.


Cate Gardner said...

Radio static hissed: a bombing raid on the Darling girls' migraines. Their class-Y sub exited the sewer at a crooked angle to avoid the vent's pizza shaped blades, landing in a place grey not clinical white.

Their map unfurled. 'Organic path to the ultimate headache cure!'

Pain dissipated beneath the crush of a giant's soot-blackened fingers.


Kelsey said...

Hadley couldn’t believe she had 1 month to live. 1 month to accomplish everything she wanted with life. Which was a lot. Connected to fifty tubes she felt like giving up. But no. She couldn’t. Hadley had to do a few things before death came knocking. With a crooked smile she pushed herself out of bed.

kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

RonsFairLady said...

Ryan and I knew that the only way to tackle the haphazardly stacked pile of deposits left for us to enter was to crank up the tunes on his radio and get to it. Feeling motivated by good music and our ambition to achieve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, we succeeded.

ronsfairlady (at) comcast (dot) net
Kathleen Fair

Unknown said...

The radio kept on chirping classy tunes and crooked worldly news, unaware of the pizza joint disaster. "Heaven, I'm in heaven" danced cheekily with static-ridden global warnings of a rampant viral strain. Instead of an intimate date for two, Fred and Ginger found themselves sharing it – and their guts – with a crowd of rather hungry zombies.

Toughness, but rather fun! :)


Hayley Lovell said...

"Why Zoe?"

It’s a knife to my gut. I don’t have a reason, just mothers hushed ‘it’s a secret’ to young scared tumor infested me.

My best friend, crooked smile and all-- never knew. Now it’s too late; I’m dying. I don’t have an answer, just an apology.

"Demetri, I’m sorry I gave away our time."


I so want to win this! And I entered, just like I promised I would!

Anonymous said...

What a divine contest! I love micro fiction. :) mercedesyardley (at) gmail (dot) com.

She held her parasol with such charm that he couldn’t help but notice.

“Do you see the buildings?” she asked. “The skyscrapers? Do you feel the pulse of the city under your feet?”

She turned to him and her eyes shone. “It’s everything I ever wanted.”

He adjusted his crooked hat and smiled. He said hello.

Karoline said...

There once was a pizza who became alive right after being in the oven, but he decided to keep this a secret and then scare people by dancing next time the radio played a cool showtune.

There also once was a girl that took a bite of a pizza as «Singing in the rain» began playing...

My entry, hope you liked it and cool contest. Friendly helloes from a norwegian fan =D

Karoline said...

I posted the comment right before this one and forgot to mentiom my mail-address so therefore I post it in this comment and it is karo_reader (at)

--Deb said...

I flung open the door and I told him to take his pink-dyed poodle and the Jean Nate bath splash and get out. I wasn’t that kind of girl.
He looked at my silver slippers and my freshly bleached hair and sighed. “You’re right. You’re too classy for me. But Fifi is insulted.” And he left.


Courtney Krieger said...

Vera Deitz Contest Entry:

The weak disgusted It, but the steadfast… they provided a certain pleasure when led down the wide, crooked path.

The preacher’s admonitions were met with firm “amens” from his followers, causing It to release a low, murderous growl. Baring its razor, sharp teeth, It flashed a wicked grin. Soon, this soul would belong to the Master.

Courtney Krieger

Bianca said...

After running what Coach assigned the cross country team to do, I came around the back of the school and saw Leo, the tall, new junior on the team. He didn’t talk much, his glasses were always crooked, and I always saw him with a comic book. Before the season ended, I would speak to him.


Yeah, that was kinda difficult to make exactly 56 words. But I did it! XD

BTW - I'm on the cross country team and I WISH there was a new junior guy on the team that was intriguing like this. Instead I got these freshman....

infinitemusic19 at gmail dot com

Sara J. Henry said...

This entry is from BookWormMegs, literary(dot)life(at)hotmail(dot)com

She sat with the pizza on the floor. It was cold and a little mouldy, but that was like her life. Not just like the obvious snow falling outside, but also the fact that Tim hadn’t been over in a week. But Tim had secrets too. He left pizza out. To get cold and mouldy.

Chiclet said...

“So much for a classy dinner,” Liza said as she ran into the kitchen, the smoke from the burning filet billowing into her small apartment. She grabbed a mitt and rescued the oversized hockey puck from the oven. Sinking down into the closest chair, she tried to formulate a plan. She hoped Gary liked frozen pizza.

tcsalvi (at) verizon (dot) net

frank1569 said...

The first thought he had when he woke was: pizza. His second? I’m broke.

His mind didn’t care: pizza… pizza… pizza it chanted.

Scanning the apartment, nothing left to pawn except… his girlfriend’s vintage, mint Tootaloop.

‘She’ll never forgive me.’

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza.

‘This will end it!’

Pizza. Pizza. Pizza…

He misses her to this day.

Lynette Eklund said...

Contrary Mary's Diary

8:00: The radio announcer says showers likely, but the skies look pretty clear. Too bad. It’s always better to plant in verain.

10:00: Willow stopped by. I told her I didn’t have thyme to listen to her brambling. I hurt her feelings. She is such a narcissus!

10:30: Willow’s weeping solved my problem!

leklund *a* quixnet *d* net

Denice Johnson said...

They called me Crooked Eyes because one of my eyes was disinclined to work as hard as the other. It would loll around its socket like some daft dog that ran into walls and didn't know everyone made fun of it. But it was my crooked eye, in my head, and my normal ears could hear.

Denice Johnson said...

forgive me - i forgot to include my email address. it is: denice (at) mts (dot) net

Krista said...

Everything about Helen seemed "off". Her crooked teeth, and her crooked walk, and that old house surrounded by the crooked trees. I couldn't put my finger on it. But I desperately wanted to know more about her crooked little life.

Kaya3 at earthlink dot net