Monday, August 30, 2010

The Cosmic Hamster Has Spoken

Will judge contests for lettuce.
You know, the thing about running contests like this is that I have to pick winners. And it's really REALLY hard. First, there's the fact that you entered and I love that you entered and you are really cool and GUTSY to enter and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I appreciate your gutsiness. A LOT.

Second, you're all too good. It's way too hard to pick a winner out of entries like this. That's why I get my cosmic hamster and my eight ball and my impeccably-dressed team of scientists to help me. I narrow down, they pick, and sometimes it's so hard to pick, we have to toss it into a hat. I don't just say that. It's really true. Sometimes, I guess, I'm not even as gutsy as you are, because I can't decide.

I got an anonymous comment this week about how if my contests were easier and just "leave a comment" contests, that I'd get more entries. That's probably true. But not all of us are here on Earth just to get free stuff, are we? We're not all here to do everything the easy way, right? Some of us are here to have fun and work hard and be gutsy. I'm sorry if that leaves some people out. I know it's hard to put 100 words out in public and then lose. Boy do I know that. (Boy do I know that!) Anyway--this is my blog, and I run weird writing contests. I'm here to have some fun. So, thanks for your comment, anonymous, but this is how I roll.

Before I get to the winner thing, I need to say this. 
MY NEXT BOOK COMES OUT IN 42 DAYS! Isn't that nuts? Have you PRE-ORDERED yet?

I know from last time around availability of my books can be scattered and I apologize for that. Your best bet is always to befriend your local independent booksellers, who usually stock my books or go online and order one there at a venue of your choice. (Did you know a lot of independents also offer online shopping and some even have free shipping? Seriously. I wouldn't joke about these things.)

Also: I may have mentioned this before, but did you know Please Ignore Vera Dietz is a RICHIE'S PICK? Here's a snippet:

"As they celebrate Vera Dietz's survival and rebirth, what I am hoping that teens might take away from this gripping, not-to-be-missed story is that parenting is not supposed to be about what a struggle it is for the parents.  It is supposed to be about what happens for and to the kid."


Here are your four finalists: Joanne Levy (OMG Batman? Too much.) Joelle (I love me some time travel) Cathy (You had me going. I thought Jed really liked her) and Miss Liberty (Bonus points for using the name Merle).

And the winner is: Miss Liberty

We read the entries a lot and each time, I could picture Janet practicing her screams and her 911 call. Great story! Thank you to ALL entrants and stay tuned. In the next month, we will start giving away copies of the book and getting into some hilarious writing fun.

Oh...and hey.

What are you doing on September 11th? I'll be at a great event in Lititz, PA as part of the Aaron's Books 2nd Annual Kid Lit Festival. It's a Meet the Author Dinner and Silent Auction that will benefit local literacy programs. Tickets are still available! LEARN MORE HERE.

Stay tuned. Evil Plan coming soon.

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