Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Coaches, You Rock. Love, Amy

I told you I'd check in once I met that deadline, and here I am. I sent the book back to my editor last week, and I think I have a week or two of relaxing (read: catching up on everything I neglected in the last 2 months) before I have to go back to work on it.

Yesterday I had a really cool experience. I got to go and talk to a bunch of awesome girls who are taking part in a summer sports camp. When I signed my daughter up a few months ago, I really loved the idea of their "girl power half hour" but I never thought I'd actually be part of it. The question I answered was: How did your participation in school sports influence your life?

And you know what? The more I thought about that question, the more I realized that everything I do is influenced by my childhood of playing sports. But relating specifically to writing? Like--EVERYTHING. (Think about it. Publishing is teamwork times twenty, right?)

My question to the ladies (or sisterhood, if you will) was: What is the difference between the 7-year-old Amy who stood in front of the basket and shot and shot and shot and missed and missed and missed until she put the ball in the hoop and the 25 to 40-year-old Amy who wrote and wrote and wrote books and stories and got rejected hundreds of times until she finally got a YES?

The answer: No difference.

Discipline, determination, teamwork, respect and a positive attitude were all shown to me at an early age through sports and the coaches and players who took the time to run programs for little girls like me. I'd like to thank every person who dedicates their time to teaching kids these important life skills. You all ROCK.

Good News Time:

PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ (which comes out in two little months!) is a Junior Library Guild selection for Fall 2010. This news really made me smile.

I just heard THE DUST OF 100 DOGS is going for another printing! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the little book that could.

So--in just another month we'll be kicking off some fun contests to win copies of Please Ignore Vera Dietz. I'm excited. Until then, I have two final The Dust of 100 Dogs events.

This weekend, Sat. July 31st from 1-3pm, I will be reading and signing at Moravian Bookshop in Bethlehem, PA. I can't wait for this. I love Moravian Bookshop.

Then, August 14th from 10am to 2pm, I'm part of a large, multi-author signing at the Lebanon Valley Mall Waldenbooks, benefiting the Lebanon Library. There will be STORMTROOPERS. I think that's all I need to say. STORMTROOPERS. I will finally have my chance to say, "These are not the droids you're looking for" to a STORMTROOPER. I bet they don't hear that everyday.


Diana Dang said...

Totally agree, sports and recreational activities build a lot of character! :D

And can't wait for Please Ignore Vera Dietz! :D

JKB said...


I'm with you on the sports. Altho I stunk big-time.