Wednesday, June 9, 2010


That's me.
But my crazy-busy month is finally chilling out and putting its feet up.
If it could understand Italian, it would be reading this:

This is the Italian version of The Dust of 100 Dogs which is La Polvere Di 100 Cani. I'm thrilled they kept that wonderful cover art by Gavin Duffy. I got my few copies in the mail last week while I was away in the Catskills with a bunch of awesome authors. 

Next week, I head to NYC again to do all sorts of fun work-stuff and I am presently making secret care packages for all the awesome people who have made Please Ignore Vera Dietz a reality. I will have a few extra, I bet, so stay tuned and you might get a chance to win one.

Random: Why is it raining and 58 degrees on June 9th? Doesn't anyone know I have laps to swim?


Ellz said...

I just read The Dust Of 100 Dogs and I LOVED it. No LOVED is not a good enough word. I ABSOLUTELY ADORED it, every word. I am telling everyone who will listen to read it.

From your new biggest fan.

A.S. King said...

Okay--after that comment, I am *your* new biggest fan. :)

Thanks, Elie. I'm so glad you enjoyed D100D. Your support is appreciated and that just made my day.

Bianca said...

Ah! So excited for this book!! I will be reading my copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs pretty soon! Can't wait.