Monday, June 14, 2010

A Day in the Life of Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Today I'm thrilled to be a stop on Lauren Baratz-Logsted's One-Question Blog Tour in support of her new YA novel The Education of Bet. 

My One Question for Lauren was:

Can you write me an itinerary of a typical writing day for you, and include your feelings about the best and worst parts of a normal day?
Lauren's answer:

If you'd asked this question a little earlier, when I was in the midst of a novel, you'd get an entirely different answer, one including writing for at least eight hours. But since I recently finished writing and revising two books and you are asking this question on May 5, you get the May 5 answer:

May 5, 2010 in the Life of Me
Rise at 5:30. Get out of bed slowly in hopes of not having nosebleed. Yea! No nosebleed!
Walk around interior of condo for one hour while reading New York Times. World still in bad shape, Mets lost, would like to eat at that new restaurant.

Get 10-year-old daughter ready for school, see her off to school, can't believe how lucky am to be the mother of such a happy child.

Do NYT crossword puzzle while watching Morning Joe. Wonder why even though Joe's politics are so different than mine often like him. Wonder why even though Mika's politics are so similar to mine she can get on nerves. Is great mystery, something like the Sphinx.

Talk to Mom on phone. Mom recently moved into assisted living and the adjustment has not been easy. Nothing funny to say about this. Is just sad. Resolve yet again to be happy old person if lucky enough to live long enough to become old person and can still remember resolution at that time.
Check in on Day 3 post on One-Question Interview Blog Tour. Wonder if this will be making of career. Laugh at self. Will be enough if have fun and others have fun too.
Begin article for where am regular contributor. Article called "All We Are Saying Is Give Pink A Chance." Is about the widespread hatred in society in general and publishing in particular toward the color pink. Wonder if editors will hate article and just how much hate mail readers will write. Write first half anyway.

Receive fan mail for The Sisters 8. Feel ten feet tall, which is more than double real height. Yea! Am writer! Check Amazon stats. Remember am relatively obscure writer.

Take break to color hair wine red. Wonder why always get dye on the tips of ears. Wonder why don't go to salon. Remember am relatively obscure writer with limited funds. Remember am control freak and salon stylist might not approve color.

Sit in front of computer in towel and no glasses because of dye in hair, trying to see what am writing and hoping typos aren't unintentionally offensive. Start conversations on Twitter and Facebook about favorite unusual words. Feel very clever and even more clever for having such clever friends.

Glasses back on, can see hair results. Wonder why don't do this more often. Wonder why let self run around world mostly looking like ragamuffin. Remember never care about personal appearance until it gets truly horrific.

Back to "All We Are Saying Is Give Pink A Chance." Done! Read through piece. Am impressed with self. Have done it! Whole world will be persuaded to think differently about pink in general and pink books in specific. Am writing goddess! Am writing visionary! Laugh hysterically at self. Oh, will definitely get hate mail.

Take break to watch General Hospital. Still cannot believe this whole trial and its aftermath. People the defendant knows on jury, D.A. siccing some guy on sequestered juror - would never happen in real world. Want Carly's ring even though it would weigh down hand. Remember am relatively obscure writer with limited funds.

Daughter home from school. Homework, dinner. Can't believe good fortune in having her.

Mail comes, including formal invitation to give commencement address on June 9. Giving a commencement address! Feel fifteen feet tall, which is more than triple real height. Am writer! Check Amazon stats. Remember am relatively obscure writer.

Watch last episode of Season 3 of The Tudors with husband. Am very glad never married Henry VIII.

Watch American Idol with daughter. Harry Connick Jr totally rocks. Love Frank Sinatra. Glad Casey didn't get sent home.

Tuck daughter in. Feel like luckiest woman in world.

Read over this list, wish it had been a writing day instead of an office day. Love writing days. Know there will be one before too much more time has passed, just as soon as get two recently finished novels totally out of system and just as soon as finish cocooning next idea. Check Amazon stats. Remember am relatively obscure writer. Don't care. At least am writer. At least make something resembling a living so can continue being writer. Luckiest woman, also lucky to have friends like A.S. King.

Now can go to bed and do sudoku while watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Don't forget to floss.

Isn't she the awesome? Go get The Education of Bet now!

And wow...check out this new cover for Lauren's upcoming The Twin's Daughter, coming in August 2010.
(I love this book. You will too.)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


That's me.
But my crazy-busy month is finally chilling out and putting its feet up.
If it could understand Italian, it would be reading this:

This is the Italian version of The Dust of 100 Dogs which is La Polvere Di 100 Cani. I'm thrilled they kept that wonderful cover art by Gavin Duffy. I got my few copies in the mail last week while I was away in the Catskills with a bunch of awesome authors. 

Next week, I head to NYC again to do all sorts of fun work-stuff and I am presently making secret care packages for all the awesome people who have made Please Ignore Vera Dietz a reality. I will have a few extra, I bet, so stay tuned and you might get a chance to win one.

Random: Why is it raining and 58 degrees on June 9th? Doesn't anyone know I have laps to swim?