Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Set a Course for Rigel, Number One

In case you missed it, the awesome Dawn Metcalf posted a wicked-nice recommendation for The Dust of 100 Dogs yesterday, and we offered up a groovy contest to win a copy of the book. I haven't done a contest around here for a while because I'm waiting to give away PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ soon, but this contest reminded me how much fun it can be. To see all entries, go here. And here is my official winner announcement:
I loved these entries! Thanks so much for playing! People who know me and my contests know I'm all about rules, so those of you who used constellations and not stars, better luck next time. :(  Doesn't mean I didn't love your entry. Just that I'm a rule freak.
(Yes, I know I'm a horrible person. But in a Miss Snark kind of way, so I'm sure you will eventually forgive me.)

And Jonathan Quist, I'm not picking you because you have won my contests before, also, the Pleiades is a star cluster and I can't figure out if you're following rules or not (yes I know you did that on purpose) but I have to give you this nod because your entry was amazing and I thank you for it. Let's have a look at that again.

Awesome are the Pleiades;
moreso 'cause there's sev'n of these.


Awesome stories are stored on Rigel for future space travelers.

mbwcreates.com, your entry ROCKED. And I hope you're right, because what could be cooler than arriving on Rigel to find awesome stories? Please send your mailing address to me at asking (at) as-king (dot) com and I'll get your book to you ASAP!

Dawn, thank you again SO MUCH for featuring my book. I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it so much. I have a feeling you'll enjoy PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ too, which comes out in October. And thanks to Elana Johnson for being UNDENIABLY AWESOME and thinking up this wonderful idea.


MBW aka Olleymae said...

Whoo hoo. Thanks again for the fun contest. Can't wait to read the book!

JKB said...

I *adore* your book trailer. Did you make it????


A.S. King said...

Thanks, I adore it too. I did not make it. It was hand made by Torrey Meeks, genius of epic proportions. I'm hoping he can make my next one, too.