Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's Hear it for Good News!

I've got great news this week!

First, I heard that The Dust of 100 Dogs had its fourth printing! Woot! Thank you all for spreading the word and for all your awesome support!
Then, I saw my new deal was announced in Publishers Marketplace, so I can now share it with you!

4/21/2010 Deals:
The Dust of 100 Dogs author A.S. King's EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS, about a teenage boy who, as he struggles to cope with a relentless bully, mysteriously communicates with his long-lost POW grandfather still missing in action in Vietnam, to Andrea Spooner at Little, Brown Children's, for publication in Fall 2011, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (World English).

We're very excited here at Camp King. So many things going on! Thanks for all your congratulations of Facebook & Twitter! You kind people ROCK.



Tiffany Schmidt said...

Congratulations, Amy! I can't wait to read this :)

Robin Brande said...

Hurray for you, Amy! SO excited to see more of your work. Now stop talking to us and go back to writing the next book, please!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Love that premise! You rock!

JKB said...


Brilliant! So so so excited for you!

Joanne Levy said...

WOOOOOOOT. HUGE congrats to you. Can't wait to read this!

Cat Connor said...

Squealing for joy for you over here at camp Connor!! Awesome news Amy!

You totally ROCK. :-)

Liviania said...

Congratulations on both of your bits of news! My copy of D100D has a special place on my shelf. (Not that it's always there. It gets borrowed frequently because all of my friends love pirates.)

A.S. King said...

Thanks so much guys! I'm still buzzing on the good news!