Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vocab Homework

In my next book, PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ, the main character, Vera Dietz, *loves* Vocab class. She would have certainly loved the new words and definitions entrants created this week for my contest to win the ARC of By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters. Here's a taste:
dawnmetcalf: Denimites: the little strings that hang from cut-off jeans. Denimite-knots: tangles in little strings that hang from cut-off jeans. russosa: Assimutilate, verb: To get a piercing just to fit in with your friends. Assimutilation: noun austenfanblogs: Blargots (interjection) what you say when something is at the tip of your tongue but you just can't remember what it is. Bianca1946: Simploject: a person who puts off any kind of project until the last minute, thus the project will be simple and not too great. bookwoman72: rainesiac: someone who forgets how to drive when it's raining out Senfaye: Sobling (noun) (a person who sobs A LOT) example: Stop acting like such a sobling! sunxxmoon: feigntent (v.) to pretend to be happy about something just because everyone else is. sunxxmoon: psychocellular (adj.) To know when and where your phone is when it rings.
After much arguing and two small fist fights, my board of contest directors has come up with a tie for the winner. Lucky for them, I do have an extra [slightly used] ARC. WINNERS: sunxxmoon & bookwoman72 I've contacted you both on Twitter! Thank you ALL for entering. ($arah- Smile your heart out :D-- thanks double for taking the time to enter here on the blog!)


Bianca said...

Congrats winners!

fun giveaway. i make up works all the time. hehe

russosa said...

Fun contest, and I loved all the responses!