Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Contest in Tunnel #77

Wow. It's November already. I know I said I'd be back last month. I really wanted to be...but things got crazy around here. You'll be happy to know that Please Ignore Vera Dietz is moving through the many tunnels that will lead it to a shelf in your bookstore in October 2010. And I've just finished the book that will come after that. (Still untitled because for the first time in my life, I can't think of the right title.) I think you'll like it. It's pretty weird. I have to give a shout out to all the people who've read and reviewed D100D over the last months and all the people who have come out to see me during my year of groovy events, and the kind people who have arranged visits at bookstores, schools and libraries. Thank you! And hey--if you're anywhere near Lititz, PA this coming weekend, drop into the Lititz Kid-lit Festival at Aaron's Books. (Nov. 13-15th) There will a lot of great authors and events. Check out the website for more details! SERIOUS BUSINESS in TUNNEL #77 Now--on to the serious business. What better way to show you how much I missed this place than to throw a random contest, with weird prizes? CHALLENGE: Write a story (beginning, middle & end) that is 100 words or less. Rule #1 = The story must begin with this line: "Can you smell that?" Rule #2 = The story must take place in a tunnel. (It can be any kind of tunnel, and doesn't have to be that weird futuristic one in the picture at the top of this post. Could be a dirt tunnel. Or a tunnel in snow. Or a tunnel under a road or under Fort Knox or under my couch. Go for it. Give me crazy weightless moon tunnels if you want.) How to Enter: Leave your answer and an email address in the comment trail. DEADLINE: Sunday, November 15th 23:59 EST (That's one minute to midnight.) PRIZES**: A signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs and a severed hand. (The book is real, the hand is not.) My daughter assures you that you will have hours of fun with this hand. It never gets old. **If we get over 40 entries, I'll toss in a second prize package!


Chloe said...

Here's mine! It's a little dark, but oh well haha. 100 words exactly!

“Can you smell that?” asked Jordan as he pushed past me in the dank, cramped cave tunnel. “It’s the sweet smell of... victory!” he exclaimed arrogantly, leaving me in the dust. Jordan, the other players, and I were battling it out in the labyrinth of tunnels that made up the arena, putting all our energy into being the first to find the way out. The contest was made somewhat more interesting by the fact that after someone won, the tunnels were sealed off, leaving the rest of the competitors for dead. I hurried after Jordan, struggling not to fall behind.


Chris Townsend said...
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Chris Townsend said...

“Can you smell that?” He’d asked the same question almost every day for the last 256 days.

“If you ask me that one mo—“ The walls shifted. Voices echoed in the tunnel. Always the voices. We’d pound on the walls garnering a chuckle at best.

The tunnel squeezed again pressing us together. In the distance a rumbling, sucking sound began.

“The water is draining!” Chuck started crying.

I wrapped my arms around him trying to protect him as the tunnel collapsed inward.



In the distance a light. If we could only…


“Congratulations Mrs. Johnson. It’s Twins!”

Sorry for the double tag there was a typo and I'm anal.

Chris Townsend said...

Sry screwed the pooch on the email



Anonymous said...

"Can you smell that?" Violet asked Rosemary.
"No, what are you talking about?"
"I think something's in our tunnel man!"
"I'm not a man!"

They crept along the wooden tunnel, the fairies hoping their tree-tunnel wasn't being invaded.

"You should go check it out..." Rosemary smiled at Violet, who promptly scowled back.

They both turned toward a scratching noise down the tunnel, eyes growing wide. Fright quickened their breath.

Something was coming closer to them, they tried flying away. The beast moved faster than their wings could carry them. They stopped, paralyzed with fear. The beast right behind them...

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

Wanted to say I just finished the Dust and it is the best, most fantastic book I have read since the Elegance of the Hedgehog. I love it love it love.
I also lived in Ireland and own a crappy Swedish typewriter. Life is strange.
Will give this to my niece for Christmas. And buy a copy for my short shelf of beloved books to reread.