Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Did She Go?

I haven't blogged in a while, and I figured I should let you guys know I'm still alive. I am. Alive. But I'm still swamped with work and other life stuff that is sucking my time away at the moment. So, to make it official, I'm going to pull the Get Out of Blog Free card for another month and hope you'll forgive my absence for a little while longer. I want to thank the many bloggers who have read and reviewed The Dust of 100 Dogs in the last few months. I appreciate your support and thank you for spreading the word! I recently wrote an essay about Pennsylvania, which you can find here, and over the next weeks, other guest blogs will pop up for bloggers' birthdays and blog anniversaries, so if you don't already, do follow me on Twitter or join the Facebook Fan page, because that's where I've been posting links to things like that while I'm blog-free. You might ask: why would a person go blog-free? Doesn't that kinda kill the whole point of having a blog? Maybe it does, but I don't think so, in my case, because I just can't blog when I've got nothing exciting to say. Do you really want to read a blog about my wrestling a secret manuscript and boring personal life dramas? Do you want to hear about how my brain is tired, and how we're just getting back into the routine of kids, school, and waking up before seven? (Let me say here that waking up before seven is cruel and should fall under some cruelty to grown-ups rule. I already did it once when I was school age. Why do I have to do it again?) And even if you said, "Yes! Amy, we DO want to hear about these things!" I have to admit, I just can't gather the energy to tell you about them. So, I guess the official word is: Amy is slightly burned out and needs to save what little brain power she's got for the two books she's writing right now. But hey! This month is exciting for many of my writer friends who are releasing books! Go find Fat Cat by Robin Brande in October! Great book! And if you haven't already, find Lauren Baratz-Logsted's Crazy Beautiful, because it's a really gripping read! I have some great writing contests lined up for October, so I'll be back then, with a new and improved blog and other fun stuff. Until then, friends!