Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Doesn't Want to Win Over *20* Books?

The July FAYAF Treasure Hunt is Almost Over!
WILDWOOD DANCING FAT CAT (arc) FLUSH GIVE A BOY A GUN EVERY CROOKED POT LONDON CALLING THE PATRON SAINT OF BUTTERFLIES THE LIGHTKEEPER'S DAUGHTER ASH (arc) GATHERING BLUE THE DUST OF 100 DOGS MAYBE IUSHIGI YUGI (The Mysterious Play) OR NOT? TENDING TO GRACE THE CHOSEN ONE WAKE EXIT HERE THE SHAPE OF WATER FINDING MIRACLES HOW TO WIN IT: There are four small clues. Each one of them gives you part of the final clue. Solve the final clue & enter your answer. I've already vlogged the first three clues, first at Five Awesome YA Fans, and I've also posted them here, in my last blog. This week, I will vlog the last small clue at Five Awesome YA Fans, and will give you an additional hint to solve the final clue. At the same time, I will open up a blog here at Dog Fact #9, where you'll get instructions on how to send your final answer and contact details, and after two weeks, we'll toss all right answers into a hat, and pick a winner! DEADLINE: August 12th, 2009 11:59PM EST
YOU NEVER KNOW: I might drop a hint or two during the LIVE CHAT I'm doing at Five Awesome YA Fans on Saturday August 1st at 5PM!
The Wagging on Wednesday Slumber Party I want to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in Wagging on Wednesday this year. It was a fun feature and a great excuse to talk about the books we're looking forward to reading and our dogs at the same time. To end our July Slumber Party, I'd like to introduce you to some of my former pets. When we moved from Ireland, we had to leave our pets in the care of many generous people. So, little did you know when you shared your dogs with me, you were actually helping me through living without my own!
This is Spider. She was an amazing hunter and was stupid-fluffy.
This is Cosmo. He was smaller than a toaster, yet, he chased tractors.
This is Guido. The coolest fish ever.
And this is Stella. Pure Awesome. These days, the animals around my house look more like this: (These are coyote pups hanging out in my back yard.)
Random Linkage: D100D was Lizzie's favorite read of the summer! (Don't you love her blog header?) I'll be back in a day or two with a link to the final clue & the Treasure Hunt entry blog!

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