Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday Slumber Party

It's the 1st annual Wagging on Wednesday Slumber Party
In case you haven't heard, for the entire month of July, we're featuring all kinds of pets here at Dog Fact #9, with small introductions and great pictures, sent by awesome readers! So far, my friend Beth and her three gorgeous cats came to say hello and Joanne Levy and her entire crew dropped in too. I'm thrilled today to welcome Sharon, from Sharon Loves Books and Cats, and her three cats. Sharon wrote: My 3 Kittehs Sabrina (Beanie, Beaners, My Little Itty Bitty Witty Black Kitty, Beaniekins, My Little Angel, Sabeanie, ¾ ear kitteh): Three years ago last month Sabrina became my first official pet cat. My father was highly allergic to cats, so I could never have any growing up. When I finally moved into an apartment that allowed cats, I quickly unboxed everything, and ran over to the local Petsmart shelter. This is where I found Sabrina. When I first saw her she was curled up in a little ball in her cage. I was immediately taken in by her beautiful shiny black fur and clipped left ear. As it turns out, Sabrina had her ear clipped because she was labeled unadoptable by the woman who originally trapped her. This person was planning on releasing Sabrina back into the wild! Thankfully, a friend of hers decided to foster Sabrina and give her another chance. Lucky for me because Sabrina is so much more to me now than just a pet cat. She is my baby! Sabrina’s favorite activities include: chasing laser lights, eating chicken, bothering me when I’m trying to read, sleeping on my laptop, and grooming me. Lilly (Lilly Monster, Monster cat, Lilly pad, Goofy Girl): Lilly came into my life a few months after her sister and littermate Sabrina. I had become quite friendly with the person who fostered Sabrina and she kept telling me stories of how close Sabrina and Lilly were. After hearing cute story after cute story, I decided to go in to Petsmart to take a look at Lilly. 2 weeks later Lilly she was reunited with Sabrina. It only took a day of two for them to start sleeping next to each other. Lilly has more of an outgoing personality than Sabrina. While Sabrina is still rather skittish Lilly is pretty much the stereotypical cat--- an aloof and independent grey tabby. While she may be aloof she is still my best pal! Lilly’s Favorite activities include: giving me love bites, sleeping in weird positions, rolling around in catnip, and attacking paper towel rolls. Blackie (Blackie Boy, moomoo, sweetface): Blackie has quite a different story. He used to live in my apartment until his owners moved out and abandoned him! This happened around 10 years ago and he has been around the neighborhood ever since. All the people in my building have been taking care of him throughout years. When I moved in the torch was passed to me. Not that I mind, because he is hands down one of the sweetest and most affectionate animals I have ever seen. As of now he lives on my porch. I even bought him his own little cat bed last year. He comes inside in the cold, but he hates being indoors. Blackie’s favorite activities include: eating catnip, sleeping on laps, talking, hissing at dogs, and sleeping. My foster kittehs: I have also done some kitten fostering. From left to right: Mookie, Shadow, Jewel. Second row: Sam and Diane, Dewey, and my current problem child Cookie. Amy says: I once had a great cat named Mookie, too! Here's a picture of us.
Thanks so much for coming around to the Slumber Party this week, Sharon! We love your cats! Random Links Some shout outs this week to recent interviews & reviews. Thanks so much for spreading the word!! Here's an interview with Mrs Magoo! I help kick off the dog days of summer with a Resort Chat at The Book Resort! And here's one more interview--with the Dreamer Reader! And a serious shout out to Leah for this review that I totally missed until this week! Adding one last link here...Do you want to win a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs? All you have to do is go here and comment. You have until 7/24. Spread the word! The July Treasure Hunt at Five Awesome YA Fans Continues Here's the vlog that holds the 2nd clue! See you next week for a very special edition of the Wagging on Wednesday Slumber Party...where I introduce you to my favorite pets from days past.

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The kittens are so cute. I like Blackie a lot, esp I found out that he likes hissing at dogs ^^