Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday--The Partay

And so it begins...The 1st annual Wagging on Wednesday Slumber Party
For the entire month of July, we'll feature pets with small introductions and great pictures, sent by awesome readers! Who's first to the party? My friend Beth and her three gorgeous cats. I've known Beth since I was about seven. She's been super to me since I've been back in the states and really supportive of this whole writing thing, because she's a writer, too. (She's also an animal lover who gives a lot of time and support to our local Humane Society. Rock on Beth.) Beth wrote: Grace (aka Gracie Lovebug, Gracie Gubbguts, Gubba, Gubbers, Smoochie-face-Grace, Moose Paw) is a ~10 year old tabby cat that we adopted from the HSBC in 2004. Here she brandishes the Great Paw of Doom. Devereaux (aka Devo, Queen Queenie [like Jean Genie], Queenie, B*tch Kitty, Clumpy McClumperson, Grumpy McGrumperson) is a cranky 16-year-old domestic short hair. Perpetually in a bad mood. (Below) Maggie (aka Maggie Baggypants, Maggala Baggala, Little Maggie Peanut, Little Chunk of Chocolate) is a ~4 year-old tabby, also adopted from the HSBC. She was discovered trapped in a second-story rain gutter and was rescued by the HSBC. She suffered a trauma to her right eye so is partially blind. (As you can see from the attached, the nicknames "Little Maggie Peanut" and "Little Chunk of Chocolate" no longer apply.) I'm so happy to meet your cats, Beth! Thanks so much for coming around with them! There are treats on the table for them--and treats in the fridge for you and the Mr. (See you tomorrow!) Since we usually talk about books we're looking forward to here, I'm thinking we should do that in the comment area while munching on party snacks. I'll go add mine now...
Do you have a groovy pet you'd like to bring around? Send a pictures/info to:
Have you joined FAYAF yet? The Dust of 100 Dogs is the book of the month for July, so I'm going to blog there on Fridays, here on Wednesdays, vlog a little, and leave clues for a really groovy so-far-not-thought-up-yet party game. But the prize is big. (About $150 in books!) More details as I dream them up. (Or Friday--whichever comes first.) (My money's on Friday.) And here's a random link for you--did you see the cover for Lisa McMann's GONE yet? Click here to see it! It's amazing!


A.S. King said...

Today, I am most looking forward to Lisa McMann's GONE! Not only is the cover intriguing, but I loved WAKE and FADE, so it's only natural for me to be drooling over this book.

Lenore Appelhans said...

My cats like to slumber and party.

MySharonAnne said...

Yay for a kitteh post! I have silly nicknames for all of mine too.My cats are groovy. I should you some info on them.

Joanne Levy said...

I loves me some cats, too. Great profile!

Now that the cover is out for GONE, I'm totally looking forward to that, also.

I'm very eager to read Lauren Baratz-Logsted's CRAZY BEAUTIFUL in the fall and of course can't wait for YOUR next book, A.S.! When is your next book coming out and when do we get to see a cover for it?!

Oh, and speaking of cats, Robin Brande's FAT CAT is also out in the fall. So many books, so little book buying dollars!

A.S. King said...

Sharon & Lenore--PLEASE do join in the slumber party fun! Send me pics & info. All pets welcome.

Thao said...

Good I love the cats, they're so chubby and cuteee. Devo's eyes are very beautiful but they seem creepy too haha. Have a nice party~!