Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday with Jersey

Wagging on Wednesday is brought to us today by Shannon and her dog, Jersey. Shannon wrote: This is Jersey! She is our rescue English Bulldog. She is almost 5 years old and is the bestest bestest bestest pet in the entire world! She is a cuddler, protector, snorer, and "I will kick the cat to the curb" kinda dog! She is there when you are upset and crying to lick your tears away (she loves salt water), jump around your feet when you are excited, and just chill with you when you need company! SHE TOTALLY ROCKS! Where did Jersey's name come from? Jersey's name came with her. She was a rescue dog and we loved her name because our family is from New York and some of our family lives in Jersey, so we kept it :) Does she have any quirks – or any particularly amusing bold moments? She is a VERY quirky dog. She has one tooth that sticks out. It is usually her lower left tooth. When she gets excited about something, her tooth comes out! If she wants pettings, she will stretch her paw as far as she can when she wants you. She is afraid of zombies. If you take out her leash, she jumps about a foot in the air and does a 360. Look at Jersey right now. Tell me what she's thinking. She is on the bed and the only time she is allowed on the bed is when we are one the bed. So she is probably saying, "Thank goodness mommy and dad are sitting on the bed so I can stay up here". What book/s is Jersey most looking forward to in 2009/2010? Jersey is looking forward to three books: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins-the sequel to Hunger Games, Fat Cat by Robin Brande, and Lips Touch by Laini Taylor What do you think Jersey could teach alien species if, by chance, she were abducted by aliens? First of all, she would teach them how to hunt, trap, and smack a kitty into a wall. [Amy: poor kitty!] She would also teach them cheese is the best food on Earth, especially Gouda cheese. She could teach them how to be adorable because she knows how to do that VERY well. Thanks Shannon! You ROCK for being a part of Wagging on Wednesday! Random Stuff I found two really awesome reviews of D100D that I'd love to shout out. One at The Epic Rat and one over at Emily Hainsworth's blog. Thanks, guys for reading and spreading the word. I really appreciate it & I'm so stoked you dug the book! I had a smashing time in NYC and at Book Expo. I got to see and meet all sorts of groovy people. (Flux peeps Marissa & Steven, Bookavore, IndieRob, Harvey, Colleen Lindsay, Janet Reid, Reviewer X, Lenore, Genevieve, Devyn, Adam, Korianne, Mitali, Moonrat, My Friend Amy, Nicole, Erica, and so many more that I'm misplacing now due to the mental razzmatazz that is BEA.) Booth 4077 was really hopping with groovy bloggers and it was so cool to meet my favorite online people. (Missed Ron Hogan & Chris Brogan, and am bummed, but will live.) I loved that Broadway was scattered with lawn chairs. I took a picture for you. Now, I'm off for another adventure for a few days. This time to see some of your favorite authors, Heather Brewer and Jackie Kessler, along with some others. Have you guys heard about Jackie's YA that launched THIS WEEK? Check it out:


Robin Brande said...

I came to read about the dog, and had no idea my book would be on here, too! But rather than pretend I didn't see it and just sneak away, I'm still going to comment.

Loved this whole Jersey story. Especially like how she stretches out her paw if she wants to be petted. The dog knows how to work it.

Thanks for these Wednesday treats, Amy. They always brighten my week!

And thanks for sharing your story, Shannon (and for being excited about my book)!

Emily said...

Haha, I loved the interview. (: And that picture of Broadway is so cool! Thanks!

Shanni said...

I love seeing my baby's face on the internet! :) She is a cutie! And your book! :) Thanks for putting her up here! I love your Wagging on Wednesdays! :)

Shanni said...

Jersey is posted on the Phoenix English Bulldog Meet-up Group! :)