Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catching Up Blog (with BBYA News!)

I've been in and out of the office this month, so I haven't been the best blogger. Though tomorrow I will do the usual Wagging on Wednesday blog, I figured now is a great time to catch up with news and stuff. I have a few pictures I want to share, too! (Even some from Book Expo America!) So, I'm going to run at this chronologically backward and start with last weekend. I was SO FORTUNATE to go on a fabulous writers retreat last weekend in the Catskills. It wasn't anything big--just five friends who needed to get away and have a working weekend. Writer-friends, if you haven't done this, I urge you to gather your few close writing friends and do this. Rent a house, split the cost and bring your most urgent projects. The five of us got more work done in a weekend than you can imagine--and the bonus? Hysterically fun conversation with fellow writers. Nothing beats it. In this picture are: clockwise from top left: Ty Drago, Brian Howe, Heather Brewer, Jackie Kessler & me. (Have you bought Jackie's (and Caitlin's) awesome superhero novel, BLACK & WHITE yet?) MORE NEWS: Right before I left for the Catskills, a friend informed me that The Dust of 100 Dogs was nominated for YALSA's Best Books for Young Adults, which made me do a very silly bottom-shaking dance. Needless to say, I am thrilled about this for a bunch of reasons. I'm especially stoked for readers like the teenage-me (in need of an out-of-the-ordinary read) out there, who might have a better chance of finding D100D on their library shelf because of this nomination. And finally, a few stray pictures from BEA that I never got a chance to post. Did I mention that I had a brilliant time? That I went to Random House and met my new editor? That I had dinner with my very very hip agent, Gary Heidt who rocks more every time I meet him? Well, I don't have pictures of any of that stuff. But I do have pictures of me and some of my favorite Flux peeps & bloggers.
This is Lenore, Reviewer X and Me in front of the Firebrand booth on Friday.
This is the Llewellyn (& Flux) Booth, an alien offering free probings, and two very cool and mysterious publicists.
Disclaimer: This is an awful picture of me!! (I was squinting into the sun & my eyes were burning up, man!) but it's a great picture of the others, so I'm sticking it up here. From left to right, it's Reviewer X, Me, Adam, Genevieve, Devyn & Korianne.
I will end by saying-- I was thrilled to see so many book bloggers at BEA this year. I think book blogging is an awesome thing that has changed many aspects of the publishing journey. When I think about how this business of reviews and promotion used to work, and compare it to now, I feel very lucky to be around when so many interesting readers have an outlet to share their opinions. This doesn't mean we all agree on things, but it means that as authors, our books are reviewed by a wider scope of readers now, and word has more than a handful of ways to spread, and I love that. Rock on book bloggers & rock on BEA for showing appreciation to this online facet of the business. I can't wait until next year!


Lenore Appelhans said...

That is so awesome! I love that I am in a picture with you :)

Genevieve said...

Yay, you posted the picture! It was so much fun meeting you at BEA. You're an awesome person! : )