Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bowing on Wednesday

Here's the deal. Being a writer is a great job. I love writing stories readers will enjoy, and so, there is nothing more awesome than hearing from readers how much they dig what I've written. D100D has been out 6 months now, and reviews have been trickling in, still, and I want to shout out to all bloggers who have read and reviewed and say a huge thank you! But this weekend was just amazing. I got these FOUR reviews in the span of 3 days, and it blew me away that people are still reading and enjoying Emer's story. I bow to you, bloggers who blog! Some people may think reviewing is just throwing up opinions on paper. I know it's not. Reviewing WELL is an art & I really think these reviews ROCK. So...thank you to: Stop, Drop & Read The Little Bookworm Reading Junky I Am Nonfiction Wagging on Wednesday is on hiatus until the WAGGING ON WEDNESDAY SLUMBER PARTY which will coincide with my month over at FAYAF in July. Have a cool pet & want to share in the fun? Send your pet pictures and a brief description to: WOW (at)


Diana Dang said...

You're most welcome! =)

Diana Dang said...

Oh and would you be interested for an author interview?

Mik said...

Aw thanks! I just feel bad I hadn't heard of your book before. (But book blogging has really let me know about more YA books). I'm happy to make you happy! And feel free to email me if you ever want an interview, guest blog, etc.

-Mik @ I Am Nonfiction