Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday with Wrigley

Wagging on Wednesday is brought to us this week by book blogger and librarian Sarah Bean from GreenBeanTeenQueen and her dog, Wrigley. Sarah wrote: Wrigley is a two year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. She is a cute fluffy dog who's super sweet and sometimes shy, but always up for fun. One of her goofiest quirks is when we put treats in a rubber bone for her to chew while we're away, she won't touch it and finally eating her treat is the first thing she does when one or both of her humans gets home (after saying hello of course).
Where did Wrigley's name come from?
Wrigley's name was picked before we got her. Her full name is Wrigley Lee Field. (Lee for Derek Lee) My husband and I are HUGE Cubs fans and going to numerous Cubs games helped bring us together, so what else could we name her?
Does she have any quirks – or any particularly amusing bold moments?
Wrigley has lots of goofy quirks! She loves to lay on air vents and will seek them out in any house she's in. I think because she's so fuzzy, she likes the cool air. It's fun to watch her sit on an air vent after she's gotten her summer hair cut-she always seems surprised that it's much colder now! Wrigley also loves the bathroom--she will follow anyone into the bathroom so she can be with you while you use it, weird, I know. She also has a laser pen that she loves chasing after and begs to play with it when it's not out.
Look at Wrigley right now. Tell me what she's thinking.
Haha, I stole Daddy's chair! And Mom, will you stop with that blogging thing and get my laser?
What book/s is Wrigley most looking forward to in 2009?
Wrigley loves books-she got me in trouble at work (I work in a library) for chewing a few of my library books! Our whole family is excited about Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Wrigley enjoyed licking the pages of Hunger Games.) We're also looking forward to reading Blue Moon by Alyson Noel.
What do you think Wrigley could teach alien species if, by chance, she were abducted by aliens?
If Wrigley met aliens, first she would cower and crawl on the ground to say hello and then she'd teach them all about licking people and taking up a lot of bed space when you only weigh thirty pounds. She'd also teach them the fun of playing with a laser! Thanks for coming around with Wrigley today, Sarah!
And thanks to all who entered last weekend's contest! If you're here to to learn the winner, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Friday, May 22nd while my little clown and the lizards duke it out. Until then, have you seen this awesome website? It's for Tanya Egan Gibson's How to Buy a Love of Reading, which ROCKS.


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Thanks for featuring us!:)

Joanne Levy said...

Aw! What a cutie! I, too am looking forward to Catching Fire.

Bookworm said...

OMG. SO CUTE! She looks so soft and cuddly.

Jodie said...

Awww love! Such a cutie :)

BinkiesandFlops said...

Wrigley is one. Cute. Doggie. Horrah! I think my favorite part about Wrigley is the chair stealing thing - that is EXACTLY what my own furry beastie loves to do!

I think these guys must go to their own 'How To Love Your Human' clinics when we leave our homes, or something....!


Amy said...

HAH! He's so cute, though cats are better :-D No offense.
My most coveted book of 2009 is catching fire-he has great taste!

A.S. King said...

Amy--you and your cats are invited to the Wagging on Wednesday slumber party! Check the recent blog for details--just send a pic or two and an intor to WOW (at) thedustof100dogs (dot) com

Also? I see on your blogger profile you like unpredictable books. Me too.