Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday with Rainy

Wagging on Wednesday is brought to us by Rainy, and her awesome human, E.M. from E.M. Reads. E.M. Wrote: Rainy is a 6-year-old yellow lab. She was born on Halloween and I think that gives her some inherent trickster qualities. Rainy has just pulled out of her puppy stage and is in the lazy adult dog stage. She's a typical lab - loves swimming, people, sleeping/snoring, shedding, and food (dropped, stolen, and/or begged for). What are Rainy's quirks? Rainy is constantly ravenous. You've never met a hungrier well-fed dog than Rainy. She races to the food bowl every morning and evening like it's her last meal. She hops up and down until the food is in her bowl. Then she face plants into the bowl and gobbles up ever crumb in less than 30 seconds (we clocked it). Then she takes a deep drink from her water bowl and slobbers excessively back into the food bowl, then licks it clean. Her food bowl is always spotless. You would think from her behavior that we don't feed her, it's embarrassing. Also, we like to play a game "What WON'T Rainy eat?" We play this while I'm cooking. I'll toss her bites of my choppings - carrots, celery, potatoes, onion, cucumber, pasta, lettuce, apple, banana, broccoli, etc. Healthy stuff. She's eaten everything with foodie passion. You can see the smile on her face. They only thing she's ever spit out was a raw mushroom stem. I can't blame her for that one. They sort of taste like dirt. Does Rainy have bold moments/super powers? Rainy has a "Neck-O-Steel!" She's relentless on a leash and pulls like a freight train. She's only 60 lbs (a pygmy by lab standards), but she knows how to drop it into 4-leg-drive and pull! We tried collar after collar (some very devious looking) to bring her to heel and none worked. It's her Neck-O-Steel™. She doesn't even feel it. Amazing. Eventually we found a bridle-like collar for dogs that's has made walks possible, but still a workout. Apparently her nose isn't as strong as the Neck-O-Steel™. Thank heavens. What inspired her name? My husband named her before we were a couple. I think he saw a dog on TV named Rainy and ripped it off. My first dog's name was Muffin, so I have no dog-naming cred. What is Rainy thinking right now? “It's nap time! What are you doing awake? How close are we to dinner? I sure could eat something. Whatcha got? Can we have some more pita chips? They are all natural.” What books are Rainy looking forward to? Lots and lots, but specifically Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott, City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr, The Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Fire by Kristin Cashore, and Ignore Vera Dietz by You! Thanks so much for coming around today, Em, with Rainy, the wonder-dog. She is totally awesome. Would you like to see your dog interviewed on Dog Fact #9's Wagging on Wednesday? Send me a picture & tell me a bit about your doggie at WOW (at) thedustof100dogs (dot) com.


Thao said...

Rainy is so cute. Looks like she's got a stuff toy there : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Thao! That’s Rainy’s deceased pet lamb. Labs are notoriously hard on soft toys and after lots of leg reattachment surgeries by yours truly Mr. Lamb didn’t pull through. So sad. Now she has a lovely dumbbell, bouncy thingy.

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I had person comment on my blog that I shouldn't feed Rainy certain human foods that would make her sick. I totally agree.

I've checked out the list and Rainy has eaten onion & grapes, but in a VERY small quantities. She has never been sick from any of it. She's eveb eaten an entire bell pepper plant without incident, too. It's really crazy.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm not feeding her human food on a regular basis (even though she wishes I did).

Unknown said...

It's so nice to see a member of the family out there as a famous dog!