Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Oooo. How cool to find myself on the front page of one of my favorite blogs today! Do have a look at this review of D100D at Pop Syndicate--it's awesome! Here's the conclusion: "The Dust of 100 Dogs is fast-paced and smart book that you will not want to put down." Yay! I think so too. AND I totally forgot to link you to the new podcasts over at the EYE ON FLUX BLOG. Two new authors are interviewed, and yours truly got to be the guinea pig for a feature called 60 Seconds of Fame, which is a strange sort of word association game that I enjoyed playing very much...though I did repeat the word yellow a few times. (Yellow is my fill-in word, apparently.) And finally-- here's an interview to get to know me better. WITH PICTURES! Now--I've finally packed! I will return in two days with pictures. Promise. (Joanne, stop laughing. I am perfectly capable of taking my own pictures.)


Joanne Levy said...

I NEVER doubted your picture-taking ability. Have a wonderful, safe trip and yes, please post pictures ASAP!!!

A.S. King said...

Oh I know. I was only kidding. Still, after years of taking self portraits, the one you took of me before the panel in Tucson is the best picture of me EVER. xoxox

Melissa Walker said...

Wish I'd seen you this weekend!