Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Didja Miss Me?

Because I sure missed you. Should you think I was off having fun or lollygagging, I assure you I was locked into my windowless basement for the entire month and only stepped out once I was victorious. It'll take some power tools to get it into shape, but I'm a big fan of power tools, so we're good. (Yes, that is a tiara. Radical.) Upcoming Contest! I managed to do a serious spring cleaning job on my office. In doing this organizing, I now have a final box of very odd goodies (AKA VOGs or Very Odd Gifts) all ready to send out to lucky winners in May! So--are you ready for a chance to win some very serious VOGs? If so, stay tuned. Blog Re-opening bonanza contest to come this weekend! Random Links & Stuff I finished The Dust of 100 Dogs tour, which ROCKED. My final stop was Clinton Book Shop, where this particularly awesome picture of Rob & me was snapped by my particularly awesome sister. School Library Journal Teen's Liz Danforth did a WONDERFUL interview with Lisa McMann, Robin Brande, and me while we were all together for the Tucson Book Fest. The Flux Blog has totally changed and you should check it out. Awesome poscasts! This month, it's Lucienne Diver, author of VAMPED and Susan Fine, author of INITIATION. What can I say about Jackson Pearce? ROCK ON Jackson Pearce. (How did your cat allow you to do that?) Oh! Hey! If you haven't already done this, check out the YA Edge Book Club site. D100D was their book for April, so there's an interview, some cool discussion topics, and some ongoing chats about the book. Thanks so much to Tami & Tracy who run YA Edge. It's a groovy place & I hope to join in the fun again as a reader! (Next month is JELLICOE ROAD by Melina Marchetta.) An April of Random Linkage Bookluver Carol is having a Blogoversary!! Emer, Saffron and I stopped by for an interview. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY CAROL! The BookBind had a great review of D100D in April. The Book Book had a cool review, too. And HydroJen (what a groovy name) over at BookEnvy & Zoe's Book Reviews & Want my YA's Heather said: "The Dust of 100 Dogs held me enthralled. When I read the end I had to stop and blink and check again. I'd been so engrossed in the story that I just wasn't ready to leave it behind." And One Last Thing Have I told you all lately that you ROCK? Because you do! See you this weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

One More Thing

D100D raised $300 this weekend for VDay, the global movement to end violence against women & girls. See you in May. (If you miss me, I'm still HERE, a little.) (And don't forget D100D is the YAedge Book Club Pick for April!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Best Disappearing Act EVER

I am not a born blogger. Because of this, I get two (month-long) get out of blog free cards per year. I'm playing one for the month of April. I might keep coming around on Wednesdays, and introducing you to awesome doggies. (But probably not.) I could show up and challenge you with a random contest. (But don't count on it.) This card entitles me to one month blogging free in order to write a new book, so the disappearing act you are about to witness is for a good cause. If you see me around on the internet too much, kindly tell me to take a hike and get to work. Here's where I thank you for your support---especially over the last three months of launching madness---here at Dog Fact #9, and out in your communities, spreading the word. You all ROCK. Like ROCK ROCK ROCK. I'll be back in one month with more fun. Until then, happy spring (unless you're in the southern hemisphere, where it's autumn--in which case, happy autumn.) Random Linkage: Here's an interesting interview with my virtual neighbor, Polly. Her memoir is wonderful and I hope someone swoops it up quickly once she gets it out there to agent-land again! Some personal insight here on the origin of Fred Livingstone. Winner of the Fictional Bitching Contest This was really tough. ALL the entries were great, and thank you all for entering. We narrowed it down to Derek, EM Reads, Stephanie, Erika, and then pulled from a hat. The WINNER is: Erika! (I've emailed you) I loved your entry because I think we all wish we had a pirate in the kitchen for moments like that one. EM Reads, stories like that make me happy that I don't do diets. Or broccoli. Blech. Stephanie, I am so with you with the pen-in-bathroom-eeewww. And Derek--thanks so much for coming by. Your entry was a really great piece of writing. Thanks so much for entering & I hope, come May when I'm no longer invisible, you'll come back and play some more. I have some doozies planned. Be good! See you in May!