Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winner(s) + New Contest = Giddyup!

I said I would announce the winners on Friday, but this week, I am trying to get things done early. So, here's the result of the last contest(s).
The Awesome Arizona contest was an easy win, man. Only 10 entries. I tossed all entries into a hat and picked one. WINNER: Ravenous Reader Congratulations RR! I've emailed you. :) Now--to the Penelope contest. You all ROCK. Some really great entries here. Picking a winner was so tough, I had to go beyond the cosmic hamster & the guys I met at the gas station and call in some real judges for this one. I picked my top five favorites, and then let the others fight over the best one. If you are not the winner, PLEASE know how much I appreciate your participation. I wish I could send you all prizes. WINNER: Jess J. TOP FIVE: Jess J., The Not So Closet Geeks, biblauragraphy, E.M. Reads, pepsivanilla Honorable Mentions: Adele, you made me crave a proper bath and a glass of wine. :) Linda St. Cyr--you creeped me out totally, in like--50 words. Kudos for that. Joanne, I loved your line, "Because Penelope was a functional groupie" and props to Sara J Henry for that ego boost!
THE NEW CONTEST: (which I'm telling you about early) Has been moved to a new post HERE!! Random Linkage: Here's a really nice review of D100D by Kirstin Cronn-Mills, whose THE SKY ALWAYS HEARS ME AND THE HILLS DON'T MIND is due from Flux in Sept 2009. I'm stoked most about the part where she nails down the genre of the book.
...a YA lover MUST read this book. MUST. It’s unlike any other YA I’ve ever read. I read a lot in my subgenre of YA (realistic), and not so much in other subgenres. But this one . . . it’s its own subgenre, really: historic magic realism.
Give that woman a prize! Perfect description! See you Wednesday!

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