Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wagging on Wednesday with Baxter

Wagging on Wednesday is totally stoked today, to have Sarah MacLean, and her dog, Baxter. Sarah's book, The Season was released this week. Happy Launch Week Sarah! Can't wait to read it! I have to say, before we start--Sarah MacLean cracks me up to no end. Here's what she first wrote, about Baxter: "He's a total attention hound. No pun intended. Ok, sort of intended. :)" See what I mean? Now--for the questions. How did Baxter come home? Baxter didn't find us until he was a year and a half old. We're told that he grew up in a pound in Virginia and, when he had been there for a year, they had to put him down, but the warden took pity on him because he'd never had a chance to live outside of the pound and asked a friend of his to take Baxter in and help him find a home. That woman, Linda, taught Baxter everything he knows...and is the reason he's such a good dog. We certainly had nothing to do with it. Of course, when Eric and I heard this story, we wanted to meet Baxter immediately. He was driven up from Virginia and we met this poor, scared, love from the country in Union Square...about the most opposite place we could have found. He was terrified of the city and crawled into Eric's lap immediately. We fell in love with him then and there (obviously!) and he came home. What are some of his quirks? When he's excited, he jumps straight up in the air, like he's on springs, and then spins in circles. When someone scratches the inside of his right ear, he groans. He carries his food from the dish all the way across the house to eat it. Sometimes he sleeps sitting up. He only walks on the right side of people. He is transfixed by the sound of French. [Amy: ROFL!] He will not get into bed without a squeaky toy...or without squeaking it. Many times. Any bold moments or super powers? He can fly. It's true. One time, a few years back, Baxter leapt off a second floor balcony into 3rd Avenue. We were very very very lucky that there were no cars...and that Eric had taught him to "heel." All of a sudden, he was on the ground, and I was 20 feet up in the air calling out "Baxter! Heel!" He was totally freaked out...and so were we! But thankfully, there was a kindhearted stranger who came running to help! We took him straight to the vet...but there wasn't a thing wrong with him. So, obviously, he was rechristened Baxter, the flying dog. What inspired Baxter's name? He came with the name. It suits. Also, he sometimes comes to "Shatner" which is fun for me. [Amy: ROFLAPMPAL] Look at Baxter right now. What is he thinking? Zzzzzzzzzzz. *ice cream*dog run*fortune cookies*scratching*woof* Zzzzzzzzzz. What books is Baxter looking forward to in the coming months? Well, I sure hope he's looking forward to THE SEASON! Other than that, he's been telling me that he's really excited about reading D100D, but worried about this whole "100 Dogs" thing...he likes to be top dog, of course. He's also getting excited for new dog treat cookbooks. Which I imagine is self explanatory. Thanks so much for coming around, Sarah. You totally slay me. Best of luck with The Season and everything you do! You ROCK. In the Blatant Self Promotion Category we have this review of D100D from The Book Gobbler.
"The Dust of 100 Dogs is an absolute page-turner; my only disappointment was in reaching the end of an excellent pirate's yarn."
Danke, BG! Glad you dug it. And another, by PJ Hoover, author of The Emerald Tablet, who posted a review of D100D as part of Barrie Summy's (I So Don't Do Mysteries) Book Review Club. Thank you for all the support!


Saundra Mitchell said...

Baxter is a fantastic dog but wow, I had no idea he could fly!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love that he comes to Shatner-that's awesome!:)

Sarah MacLean said...

Thanks so much for having us over, Amy! Baxter, of course, is awfully full of himself right now. You'd think *he* wrote a book.

A.S. King said...

Seriously--the Shatner comment made me tinkle in my pants a little. Sarah, you are hilarious.

I actually felt bad not putting lots of awesome and spectacular adjectives in front of Baxter's name, but I am just so so excited for your release, Sarah, that I had to give you the high-powered attention today. Seems like Baxter gets plenty of doggie-love from you guys anyway. Best of luck & congratulations! (And you too, Saundra!)