Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello Tucson!

I am loving the desert. Like L-O-V-I-N-G the desert. Last night was a great reading at Changing Hands in Tempe and I have pictures! Tomorrow is the Tucson Festival of Books, and I'm looking forward to a day of readings, signings and meeting other authors. I'm presently chilling with my favorite peeps Joanne Levy & Lisa McMann, and they rock so much, there just isn't space to tell you how much. So, we have a few things to clear up. I suppose you'll be wanting to hear about who won the eyeball contest. Let's get that out of the way. First, as always a HUGE HUGE thank you for EVERYONE who participated. 100 entries is a lot of entries, and we got a few over that. I really appreciate every one of them, and if you don't see your name below, don't fret! There's always another contest next week, right? First place: Paradox said: Collecting ambiguous images, defining reality. What do I really see? Second place: hey dave! said: Coffee-colored and myopic. Like my women. Third place: Christie said: It's only a little tic. The Top Ten:
  • beth said: Fortunately, still both in my head.
  • elisa nader said: Immeasurably benefiting from under eye concealer.
  • pepsivanilla said: Unappreciative of being poked with contacts at an ungodly hour.
  • emilyhainsworth said: Sliced with lasers - YOU can't see - but now I CAN!
  • nhertel85 said: My eyes take up my whole face.
  • Anonymous (carolee999a) said: Round and squishy, but surprisingly powerful.
  • Erika Lynn said: when closed, there’s a freckle on my eyelid
  • Joanne Levy’s Kia said: blue-white like a glacier, on the lookout for dropped food.
  • penny roth said: First thing people notice (since my boobs are kinda small).
  • Angel said: Blinded by love, one eyeball plucked out at a time.
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and THANK YOU to all participants! I really appreciate all of you who come around to have a bit of fun. See you next week! Random Linkage: Cynthia Leitich Smith had a GREAT interview with me yesterday. Go here to read about how I used to read in my closet. Don't forget! Only TWO more days to enter Reviewer X's HUGE giveaway. I'll see you next week when I'm back!


Sara Raasch said...

Why does everyone have to do book signings so far away? (Or why do I have to live so far away from the book signing hotspots?) Life is unfair, I tell you.

sweetmelissa818 said...

I have family in Tucson, and what really sucks is that it's not too far away but I still can't make it!

Anonymous said...

The eyeball contest was fun. I was surprised to see I made the top 10!

Congrats to the winners!