Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dirt Nostalgia

You're wondering where I was this weekend, right? You've hit the lows of writing contest withdrawal? You can't exist without scribbling to obscure parameters for a chance to win the occasional VOG**? My apologies. It was a hectic few days. On Saturday, I got to chill with my local-est indie booksellers, Sam & Todd at Aaron's Books in Lititz. It was very cool, and I got to meet some really nice people, read them a chapter of my book, and sign their copies. Thank you to all who stopped by. My next local appearance isn't until after I get back from the Tucson Festival of Books in mid-March. I'm really looking forward to going out to Arizona. I've never been to the southwestern United States before and I am stoked for a whole new climate. I will also get to chill with some good friends and enjoy nice weather and PROPER MEXICAN FOOD. And maybe swim? Maybe? Please? Swim? Though a winter storm is hitting us here, I've enjoyed this past week of springy days, and it's made me nostalgic. I miss my garden and my spring-times of planting and seeding and pitchforks and shovels. It's all Amy's fault. I was digging out an old picture for an interview we were doing, and next thing you know, I'm missing my old dirt. Here's the interview over at Addicted to Books. And here's a bonus picture of the dirt where I used to spend my days. Some D100D links for anyone looking for A.S. King related procrastination: Becky's Book Reviews has a nice review up here. Dog-eared and Well-read, a blog I never knew about before, but will visit more often now that I've found it, because it's written by a high school librarian who obviously ROCKS--thought D100D was "the best adventure I've gone on in a while." And HERE'S an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about the Dust of 100 Dogs Contest at Reviewer X's blog. The deadline has been extended to March 15th. $300 worth of books and bookstore credit. YOU NEED TO ENTER!


Joanne Levy said...

Arizona? Pack that bikini!

Cat Connor said...

Loving your old dirt! :)

Autumn is creeping over our horizon - technically it's here now but the weather hasn't twigged yet.

Won't be long before I'm missing my roses.

A.S. King said...

Ahh! Arizona!! Can Not Wait.

Cat--I will try to get a rose bush going for you here, and send pictures to you over your winter, eh? Mind you, everything I plant at this house dies. Black Walnut trees kill nearly everything.

Carrie K said...

Wow, I am incredibly honored to be mentioned in your blog! I'm glad you liked my review. I truly loved your book and could have gushed more if I had waited a bit longer to write it - I'm having a hard time getting into other books after enjoying D100D and 10 Cents a Dance so much.

A.S. King said...


You librarians are much too humble. I was me who was honored to be on YOUR blog! I am so so so pleased you enjoyed D100D as much as you did, and am now going to read 10 Cents a Dance on your recommendation. Thanks!