Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arizona in Pictures = Awesome

We're going to do this backward today. I'm going to start with Random Linkage, because I had a really cool interview with Vania of Reverie and I want you to read it! Ravenous Reader used D100D as her Teaser Tuesday entry this week, and I'm mentioning it because she used 2 sentences from my favorite Dog Fact--Dog Fact #4 Humping Inanimate Objects. I read this Dog Fact at one of my events in Arizona, and apparently, others think it's funny, too. Also -- D100D got a really awesome review in VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) this week. It's a long one, so here's the blurby-thing:
"A remarkable and compelling story for readers seeking something out of the ordinary."
Now, ARIZONA. Here's the deal. Joanne Levy took these awesome pictures So, a HUGE thank you to Joanne. Without her I would have zero pictures of this trip, and that would be a massive bummer because I had such an amazing time and having pictures to look back on makes it even more wonderful. So let me start there. I had an amazing time. If Arizona wants me back for any reason, I am SO there, man. The people were awesome, the weather was heavenly, and the casual feel of the place was right up my street. (Also, all the houses there have walls, which you can see best if you put on your chickens.) So, I caught you up last on the Changing Hands reading & signing, but let me say one more time -- WOAH. Changing Hands Bookstore is AWESOME. If you haven't been there, you need to go one day. I met many fascinating people and signed a lot of books. After that event, we drove to Tucson, where the view from our window looked like this. We took a day to chill. We ate really really really really really really nice Mexican food with Robin Brande, whose EVOLUTION, ME & OTHER FREAKS OF NATURE is awesome. (Did I tell you that I finally read Lisa McMann's FADE on the flight there & it was also AWESOME? Seriously. There is a reason it's on the NYT list for a fifth week in a row, people. Read that book.) Saturday we went to the Tucson Festival of Books and it was a day I won't soon forget. I had a very early reading at 10:30 in the Teen Tent and answered some questions, and then we wandered the many tents and booths that were set up along the University of Arizona campus. I was able to thank Ronald McDonald in person for the lovely breakfast, and got to hug Curious George. We even had a minute to chill before our panel, and here is my favorite picture of myself, during that chilling moment. Again--Joanne Levy is a great photographer. Then came our panel. (Lisa McMann, Robin Brande & me.) It was called Dorks, Nerds and Geeks: How daily mortification, ridicule and unpopularity as a teen can turn you into a superstar YA author. After a wonderful introduction by our escort Judi, we started out by each telling an embarrassing story from our youth. Let me say for the record: this was a great way to open a panel. The laughter was infectious for the entire hour, whether we were talking books or answering audience questions. That panel was one of the best hours of my little life. I don't say this lightly. If I could take Lisa & Robin on a tour and do that same panel every other day for a year, I would be the happiest woman alive. Too. Freaking. Funny. After this, we signed books, and then Lisa had her reading in the Teen Tent, where she ROCKED. And then she drove us back to the Phoenix area. Here is where I say a public thank you to Lisa for driving us everywhere. If I had a herd of goats or camels who could also do neck massages, I'd give them to you, Lisa. (Here is also where I mention that for reasons that will remain unsaid, if ever I am driving with you, reader, especially where the speed limit is 75 mph, you should allow me to sit in the backseat and stare out the window. Trust me on this.) Here is where I also mention that if it wasn't for Lisa, I'd have never gone to Arizona in the first place or heard of the Tucson Festival of Books, so thank you a trillion times. So, then, on Sunday, our last full day in Arizona, we went to an old mine town and it was really cool. This was as far west as I'd ever been, so getting a glimpse of the wild west was a total treat for me. I guess until then, it had always been a bit of a movie set, you know? Keeping with the whole movie angle, I was put in jail -- complete with poker-playing floosies. And Joanne & I panned for gold, which my six-year-old hasn't forgiven me for yet, even though I gave her my gold. Then, the signing at B&N, which ROCKED. You know, there is NOTHING like meeting an enthusiastic bookseller who loved my book. Missy, at the Chandler Mall B&N was so nice and so energetic and just so hard core into selling books that we nearly moved every single copy. A HUGE thank you to everyone there who made that event happen. I learned a lot. :) After a massive meal at The Cheesecake Factory next door, we headed back to the hotel, said goodbye to Lisa, and packed for our flights home. Some names I haven't mentioned, but who need to be thanked: Holly from Changing Hands, & Jim & Faith. The made-of-awesome Liz Danforth, Rita Brown & Lauren, JM Prince, Patti (from my reading at the Teen Tent) Krystle & Donna, Mit (who sucks more), Sibley & Dwayne, and anyone who bought a copy of D100D at any of my events or laughed at any of my jokes! And I almost forgot--a big shout out to Joanne's Arizona family! What smashingly awesome and generous people. So now you're in the know. A.S. King loves Arizona. Here's a letter I wrote on the plane home: Dear Arizona, I love you. Love, Amy. QUESTION: How many times did the word AWESOME appear in this blog? ANSWER: Leave your answer in the comments with an email address and be entered to win a signed copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs. .


Genevieve said...

8 times and then 9 times including the question of how many times... But TEN times if you included the title.


Reverie said...

TEN! including question and title!!!

Looks you had a great time!! thanks for the shout out! it was a really fun interview.

btw I<3 Lisa McMann

Nancy said...

SQUEEEEEE!!! Reverie just told me about my shout out and I had to come by and you have a contest. SQUEEEE again...or should I say WOOF! I adore Lisa McMann she is awesome and I cannot wait to meet her next week with Cassandra Clare

As for the contest question. The totally awesome times that you say AWESOME is 10 from top to bottom. That is if you include the question about awesome and use the title. :)

thank you for the contest and stopping by.

Now I gotta look into going to Arizona some time, my camera would love it. LOL

Nancy said...

ohh *smacks head* stupid me forgot my email


Joanne Levy said...

Thank you for the shout-outs, but truly - look at you: you are MADE to be photographed (and I might say the same about Curious George - who seems very curious - I mean, where is that other hand? Hmmmm?)

Had a great time in AZ with you, Lisa and my new friend Robin.

And of course, my family thought you were very cool and can't wait to see you again!

Lisa McMann said...

Ahhh, memories. :)

What a blast. I loved watching you guys pick out your treasures in the gold mining place. So cool and calm. Great fun.

Haven't laughed so hard in years.

Robin Brande said...

Amy sez: "That panel was one of the best hours of my little life. I don't say this lightly. If I could take Lisa & Robin on a tour and do that same panel every other day for a year, I would be the happiest woman alive. Too. Freaking. Funny."

Robin sez: Yes, please. Yes to the tour and to every other day for a year. I had such an AWESOME! (wait, are outsiders allowed to use that?) time with you and Lisa and Joanne!! Thank you for coming to my town and dressing it up with fun. You are now officially one of my favorite people. Big smoocharoo to you and your kin.

Thao said...

Arizona is so awesome. I wish I could be there. You had so much fun hey? And so many cool pictures too. I love the one with the monkey, and of course, the one that you were in jail.

Joanne Levy said...

And by the way, as a spectator at that fabulous panel, I would like to request you ladies take your show on the road. That panel was all kinds of awesome!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see you come back to Arizona. The three of you on that panel rocked the room! Plan to return next year -- I'm certain the Tucson Festival of Books will be repeated because, with 30,000 people attending, it was a huge success in part because of the awesomeness of you, Robin, and Lisa!

Iryna said...

"Awesome" appeared in this blog post 10 times.

However, I have a question. Your question was "How many times did the word AWESOME appear in this blog?" Don't you mean in this blog POST?

pepsivanilla said...

Awesome appears 10 times including the title and question. The word cannot be denied- it's such an awesome adjective :)


Anonymous said...

so i'm late to the party, but i did actually count myself instead of just seeing what other people wrote: 10 including the title and the question.

jessjacobs (at) mac (dot) com

Sara J. Henry said...

10 - sarajhenry(at)mac(dot)com

PS - Just finished book - LOVED IT.

Amee said...

10 times if you include the awesome in the title and in the question!

di said...

10 altogether