Monday, February 16, 2009

You're Sweet - Winners & Links

As always, thanks so much for your entries! They ROCKED. And thanks to those of you who continue to come around to Dog Fact #9 and play games. I hate that there can only be one winner, and hope you'll come back next week and enter again! Judging this week was tough --we tossed our top four into a hat & picked.
sraasch - True love is going out for Cherry Garcia ice cream at 2AM. On a week night. In January. In Minnesota. Janet Reid - True love is making Ilsa get on the aeroplane. briaspage - Love thinks your beautiful when you've been sick for four days. Anonymous - Love is a leap of faith and a soft landing.
WINNER: Janet Reid WINNING ENTRY: True love is making Ilsa get on the aeroplane. I admit, this entry made me rather misty-eyed, thinking back to the years Mr. K & I lived apart, and all the airport scenes in between. *sniff* Damn you, Janet Reid. And SRaasch - an honorable mention for writing sentences that actually made me cold while reading them. And an additional honorable mention for Anonymous who mentioned parents who'd been married 35 years. I love that. My folks will hit 50 years next year and it's just such a buzz, isn't it? I'm pretty busy this week here at Camp King, so you'll see me again on Wednesday with another awesome pooch. Until then, here are some links to cool stuff to read & do: I've got groovy swag and other weird links on my media page now. GO HERE to find cool t-shirts, widgets and even postage stamps! I forgot to mention this review from EJ at Only on Sunday, an old friend and writing buddy. Read it here. In this piece, he brings up this YA question again. Is The Dust of 100 Dogs YA? I think it's a book for anyone, regardless of race, shoe size or gender, over the age of 14. Can we come up with a name for that please? All suggestions welcome. And a quick (late) shout out to The Compulsive Reader for making D100D a Book to Buy in February! Thanks! Have you read Lisa McMann's FADE yet? What are you waiting for? You need to read it. And hey - if I haven't said it lately - THANK YOU for all your support, kind words, fan letters, general love and friendliness and spreading the word about D100D. It means the world to me and really, one day I'm going to have to figure out how to repay you all. I think I should start by writing another kick-ass book. Sound good?


Joanne Levy said...

Congratulations, Janet!

Amy you have the best contests!

Sara Raasch said...

Thanks for the honorable mention :) Made my night!

I'm halfway through D100D, and all I have to say is: breathless.

A.S. King said...

Sara! I think it is YOU who just made MY night! :)

Thao said...

Congrats to Janet ^^ And yup Amy, go write another book now!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, yes, yes... please get started on another book. I'm waiting.... still waiting here... and waiting. Ok, ok you can have a couple months, but don't make us wait forever. Please. :o)

A.S. King said...

Okay. I'm on it. I'll have this one done by Halloween, K? There are exciting far away settings, whittling and a diving board. That's all I'm sayin'.