Monday, February 23, 2009

A Word from the Cosmic Hamster

Thanks a million for playing! We loved every entry, and appreciate every minute you took to create them. In short, you all rock. Winner: Julie Weathers Winning entry: Janet was late. She was always late. She said people, especially men, appreciated you more if you made them savor the moment. I, on the other hand felt it was the height of rudeness. “I hate being late.” She twirled a dark curl so it looked as if it had escaped. There was always a certain breathless look to her, as if she had been dashing to arrive on time, slightly disheveled and precious. “Men love it.” Our dates waited at the bar. They looked relieved and anxious. “Men love it,” she whispered. Of course, she was right all along. This entry has a lot going for it--though this Janet would drive me up a wall. I hate being late. Kudos to Jenny, who came in a close second with her AC unit and sucky movie. Kudos to xollinzolox for the economy of words. I was so there. The usual blatant self-promotion to keep Carla smiling-- Check out this awesome interview with the we heart this peeps. Stef & Tyna totally rock. A wicked-good interview at Pop Syndicate today, too. Don't forget that you can win a copy of The Dust of 100 Dogs at the Wolfy Chicks blog this Wednesday!


Thao said...

Congrats To Julie ^^

Julie Weathers said...

I am so excited.

*does happy Snoopy dance*