Saturday, February 21, 2009

Untitled Contest #254

All you have to do is follow 3 little rules, and you're in. Go crazy. CHALLENGE:
  1. Your story MUST start with this sentence: Janet was late. **
  2. Your story MUST end with this sentence: Of course, she was right all along.
  3. Your story must be 100 words or under.
DEADLINE: Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 at 11:59PM EST PRIZE: A fun package of VOGs (Very Odd Gifts) - probably pirate-themed. Adding this on Sunday - AND your choice of one book from my stack of new titles. Winners chosen by three anonymous judges, a hamster and a magic 8 ball. Good Luck! ** The author would like it known that by choosing the name Janet for the first sentence, she is not referring to any specific Janet she knows or any that you might know either. This can be any Janet. It was just the first name that came to me, and so, we're stuck with it. Your Janet can be a dolphin for all I care. The story can be in second person omniscient and be from the point of view of a microscopic skin cell that fell off Janet. Technically, Janet doesn't even have to appear again after that first sentence. I don't mind. Just tell me a story and follow the rules above, and we're good.


sweetmelissa818 said...

Janet was late. This was not uncommon, but this time was worse because blood is not an easy thing to clean up. The evening hadn't started off in a way that she might have imagined herself finishing the night by cleaning up blood. It was a normal night. The night became increasingly weird as Janet encountered one strange character after another. It slowly became evident that this would be no normal night. She had always known that at some point in her life she would kill someone. Of course, she was right all along.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

ohh, I think I know WHO my Janet will be, but i must work on this. sigh.

OHHH and I bought your book. can't wait to read it!


Erika Powell said...
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Erika Powell said...

Janet was late. That’s what happens when you start your day with an argument with a pirate. He was sure she had taken his treasure but she knew it was that blasted vampire in apartment 3C. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, how else had she paid for the new copy of Dust of 100 Dogs. Nevermind that she might have treasure of her own. Eventually, with the help from the werewolf in 1A the treasure was found. Of course, she was right all along.

Genevieve said...

Janet was late. Everyone else had shown up to the funeral in a timely fashion but Janet, being Janet, was late. She was convinced that he wasn't really dead. However, she had no proof other than a woman's intuition. And hers had been faulty in the past. Much to the surprise to the majority of the guests, Janet arrived just on time to see her allegedly dead brother show up at his own funeral. Of course, she was right all along.

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

Janet was late. Three hours, forty-seven minutes, and eleven seconds had passed since anyone had heard from her. She was extremely punctual, to the last millisecond, but today her frail body was nowhere around. In the first thirty-eight minutes and twenty-three seconds that she had not showed up, everyone was worried for her, but the rest of the three hours, nine minutes, and forty-eight seconds they stood there drinking their wine. Janet always wondered if her “loyal” friends actually cared about her, and when she came inside, they didn’t even notice her. Of course, she was right all along.

Anonymous said...

jane was late. but jane was always late. perhaps lateness was what ultimately saved her. if she hadn't been late; she would've been there at that precise moment when everything changed.

everyone warned jane that lateness would be her demise. she had stopped trying to persuade the others that her clock had been running perfectly behind.

indeed it was jane's lateness that saved her that day. and by saving herself; she saved all of their tomorrows. when judgement day came; those who had scorned her were made to testify. the truth came out. of course, she was right all along.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Janet was late. She was so late that given another few minutes and a non-Euclidian universe, she might be considered early.

"Early's better than late," Janet decided, so she bellied up to the bar, ordered a double, then took twice the time necessary to drink it. She squared the bill, arrowed an unconventional vector through the neighborhood and arrived parsects before she'd departed.

"Way to go, Einstein," the revelers cried.

They showered her with the dust of a hundred dogs and what money they had left. Of course, she was right all along.

Joanne Levy said...

Janet was late. Which was disconcerting, because Janet was always on time. For lunch, for business meetings, for baby showers, and especially for biological appointments. Her period always arrived every twenty-eight days at precisely one-thirty p.m. God could set his watch by it.
But had he, this month he would have missed a flood or fire of his own making.
Babs had warned her against going bareback with her boyfriend, but Janet had scoffed. “I’m not going to get pregnant. You can’t get pregnant when you’re drunk.”
But it seemed Babs knew better. Of course, she was right all along.

Anonymous said...

Janet was late. She checked her watch; every second hand tick sounded like a cannon's report. “I can do this on my own if I have to.” Steeling herself with a deep breath, she looked at the pregnancy test….

She told the possible fathers. Jack, Larry, and Mr. Furley—her most recent liaisons—took the news surprisingly well. Each pledged support until a paternity test could reveal the true father.

Then Jack got a job in Fresno. Larry transferred to Miami. And Furley just disappeared.

“Guess two’s company,” she said, patting her tummy. Of course, she was right all along.

thebluerose said...

Janet was late. Jane made a deal with Janet that Janet would be different if she ate chocolate and so would Jane if she laughs. Janet ate chocolate and her blonde hair turned brown! Since Janet was greedy, she ate more chocolate. This time, Janet gained 100 pounds! Unable to stop, Janet ate even more chocolate and gained 100 pounds! Then, Janet started rolling down the streets to get to her dance class. Jane was unable to stop laughing. Jane grew lighter and bigger. Soon, she was floating in the air. Of course, she was right all along.

Liv said...

Crap story ahoy:

Janet was late. Why show up on time for your first day at a new job? That was no fun. Maybe her boss would be upset or angry or fire her immediately, but that was where the intrigue lied. When she entered the door, she was greeted by a white-haired old man. “Welcome to work. I think you might add some excitement to this dreary place.” Janet laughed. “That’s what I’m here for, sir,” she said. Of course, she was right all along.

Personally, I think Joanne Levy's should win. LOVE that one. XD

Anonymous said...

I will now provide you with the shortest story.

Janet was late. Of course, she was right all along.


Jonathan E. Quist said...

This is not an entry - having won a previous D100D contest, I already have my copy (and have read it). Folks, it's worth the wait, even if you have to wait for the second printing.

But I'm having such a blast with these writing prompts, I can't help posting from time to time...

Uh, and as the rules state, this isn't representative of any particular Janet.

Janet was late.

This in itself was unusual. She had never been late, through her professional life. Nor in college, or even in high school. She had been punctual to a fault. Even when she did not want to be.

This is not happening. This can't be happening. Not now. Not to me. Lord, not to me!

But thinking became wishing, became praying, became resignation, became acceptance, became want, became need, became curiosity, became inquiry.

Became a question.

The answer came from the corner store, and a little blue minus.

Of course, she was right all along.

Jenny said...

Janet was late. Not that it mattered because she told Frank the movie would suck. Oh and Frank was late too. Frank at least had a good excuse in that the ac unit from the jerk sexaholics that live next door fell onto his car, so he had to take the bus, which then hit traffic, so he switched to the subway, and then FINALLY made it to the movies. Frank finally met Janet at the theater and then went in, with Janet saying the movie would suck.

Of course, she was right all along.

Anonymous said...

Janet knew she was right as she got into her car and drove from her house and headed to the market. Why oh why did she yes to her grandmother’s idea to get the family together for dinner? She could recall the last dinner that the family had, the utter silence, the reek of hate that perfumed the air.
As she returned home and the cars parked in the street she could feel the all the feelings emitting from the house. Of course, she was right all along to dread this night.

jocelyn said...

Janet was late. She was always late. This time, she was late for a date with destiny. She was thirty seconds late leaving home, and thirty seconds before she arrived on a certain street corner, a piano fell there. She was saved! She believed her number was up, only she was too late for various deadly accidents. People doubted her, but they knew the truth in the end. At her funeral, they were sorry they hadn't believed her. They said: Of course, she was right all along.

Janet Reid said...

Janet was late. She'd waited until the last possible moment. Three waiting judges begged, pleaded, cajoled.

"Hurry up, you're the only one left!" Dust cajoled.

"We've got places to go; query letters to reject," Aufahundred pleaded.

"It's not like you're gonna win ," Dawgz sneered. "You only win when it's blind luck."

"She might" Dust offered.

"Wanker," Aufahundred dismissed.

But Dust wasn't so sure. She'd seen Janet save deals, woo recalcitrant editors and reduce Michiko Kakutani to tears. Dust was pretty sure Janet would enter and as you now see of course, she was right all along.

Julie Weathers said...

Janet was late.

She was always late.

She said people, especially men, appreciated you more if you made them savor the moment. I, on the other hand felt it was the height of rudeness.

“I hate being late.”

She twirled a dark curl so it looked as if it had escaped. There was always a certain breathless look to her, as if she had been dashing to arrive on time, slightly disheveled and precious. “Men love it.”

Our dates waited at the bar. They looked relieved and anxious.

“Men love it,” she whispered.

Of course, she was right all along.

Thao said...

My lame story. I just wanted to give it a try

Janet was late. It was her first book-signing and she was half an hour behind. Nothing could be worse then this. What if all the fans had come home angry for being stood up? Chills sent down Janet’s spine thinking of her books being abandoned in bookstores after this so-called scandal. I’m screwed! Janet ran as fast as she could along the pavement, wishing things wouldn’t turn out so bad although she was extremely scared. To her surprise, everyone was there, waiting excitedly for her. Janet always said “goods things are worth waiting. Of course, she was right all along

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Janet was late. Felicity, Eve, Nedra, Paulette, Jocelyn, Rosie and Tillie were late. Peggy, Sue and Peggy Sue were late. Marie, Sally, and Kate - all late. In fact, every girl Dennis had been with in the last five weeks was late. A very distressing situation. How could it have happened? He'd been careful. He'd used protection. That was one thing he never forgot, no matter how wasted he was! Then again, the lady at the checkout counter had warned him that some things should not be bought in bulk at the dollar store. Of course, she was right all along.

I'm also late because I couldn't get to a good computer in time.