Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two BIG Things!

First - today is launch day for Lisa McMann's FADE - the sequel to WAKE, which is an awesome book. You need to check these books out if you haven't already. I will be getting my copy of FADE from a local indie in a week or so. My [signed] copy of WAKE is locked in the Stella-vault with all my jewels and gold and other assorted booty. Second - I just found out that The Dust of 100 Dogs made the Spring Children's Indie Next List and I am SO STOKED. I LOVE my independent bookstores because they are such champions for authors. Being on the Next List is a massive honor for me and I may just get sappy and shed a salty tear. Or pass around the rum and yell, "Clear the decks for pleasant action!" I have more to say about how you can best support your independent bookstores later, but right now, I have to call my mom and tell her the good news. My mom loves good news.


Lisa McMann said...

First, thank you for the shout out!

Second, and most important, congrats on the Indie Next list!! That's fabulous news!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I am reading my signed copy of wake right now! But immediately afterwards I will lock it back up with my jewels.

Thao said...

I'm dying to read these. Wake and Fade look awesome!