Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random Vegetable Contest #43 Winner & Thank You!!

Well, we put the kids to bed and popped the bubbly. Then, we read the entries for the Random Vegetable Contest #43 and we totally wussed out. We could narrow it to a top ten, but just couldn't come to an agreement on a winner. Things got a little testy in the judge box, lemme tell ya. So rather than stress out over it, we tossed these top ten finalists into the pirate hat and picked a winner.
Adele LisaMay Lalaland Joanne Levy Paradox AmandaKMorgan Brooke Reviews Keith Cronin Liv Ariel
Now - A toast to the winner of the Random Vegetable Contest #43! WINNER: AmandaKMorgan My favorite part of this one was: They are also like the secret agent of vegetables because they're tricky--they can either be super good for you or poisonous. Congratulations Amanda & thank you ALL for playing! I have to thank you all again for coming to my weekend of mayhem party here at Dog Fact #9. It was really cool of you to come. I'll be back tomorrow night with the winner of today's contest. Have you signed the guest book? ----------------------------------------------> And don't forget the AWESOME CONTEST over at Reviewer X!


Amanda Morgan said...

Yay! Thank you SO much, Amy! I am so excited to read D100Ds!! And thanks for running these amazing contests!

Thao said...

I love your contest, so original!