Sunday, February 8, 2009

Look at This Cover!

Have you guys seen Lauren Baratz-Logsted's cover for Crazy Beautiful yet? It's completely drool-worthy. If you want, you can stick this cool countdown timer on your blog/MySpace/etc. Just click on the Share button. Some more D100D Launch Week links: I totally out myself about my bad habits at Book Chic's Blog. I admit, I haven't really worked on a few of these... A brilliant review of The Dust of 100 Dogs from Valentina's Room! How wonderful that she lives just down the road from where I started writing novels in Dublin 16 years ago! I love stuff like that. Here's a blurb: "If you like strong women characters, pirates and great storytelling, you have to read this book. For all the others, read it anyway. I think this is going to be the must-read book of the year." A shout out for the awesome D100D cover art! Maximum respect to cover designer Gavin Duffy. Another wicked-great review from Melissa from Poised at the Edge. A blurb: "A.S. King’s stunning debut is part history lesson, part dog training manual, part modern coming of age story. It dazzles with its risky originality and its shameless girl-power. Emer/Saffron is powerful, intelligent, willful protagonist that the sisterhood just has to love!" And a guest essay about my first and worst jobs, "How All Those Stupid Jobs Helped Me Make a Writing Career" at The Debutante Ball got an interesting discussion going about completely unrelated things. But the REAL news today is: WE HAVE UNDER TEN CONTESTANTS FOR THE ONGOING CONTEST!! This could mean a few things. 1. People are hibernating. 2. People are sick of being made to work their brains for free stuff. (Too bad.) 3. Everyone is either at Comic Con or Love is Murder. 4. Counting by twos is boring - we want more Mad Libs. 5. Who cares what it means? More for us! (And a faster result, too.) There are 8 hours left to enter. Tell your friends! Oo! And here's another picture. (Is Borders stocking this in fantasy or is that just a coincidence?) Thanks to Book Chic for this one! xo


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I WANT CRAZY BEAUTIFUL! It has such an amazing cover. Ahh! It just sounds so lovely.

I saw Dust at my Borders around here. It was on the shelf with new releases in the YA section. I need to go back, with MONEY, and get it. LOL


A.S. King said...

Lauren! That rocks! Thanks for letting me know where you saw yours.

And yes - CRAZY BEAUTIFUL sounds so good, doesn't it?

Alea said...

I'm totally grabbing the widget! Yay!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I sounds great. So many awesome books coming out this year. It's so exciting!

Oh, and I never said WHERE I'm from...but it's KY (so a borders in KY) lol. :)


BookChic said...

Thanks for the linkage and posting of my sighting picture- most likely, they are stocking it in the YA Fantasy section. If you check on the Borders site, it'll tell you what genres it falls under in their system.

And Crazy Beautiful does look amazing!

Unknown said...

The CRAZY BEAUTIFUL cover is crazily beautiful, I agree! :) Don't drool too much, else you won't be able to read the pages.


Thao said...

I love Crazy Beautiful cover, it sounds like a good book as well.

The review and the cover art make me want to read the book even more!

A.S. King said...

Yes - that CRAZY BEAUTIFUL cover IS awesome, isn't it? So glad you all agree.

BC - I've read some hardcore sci-fi and fantasy in my day and I'd say D100D is a bit - uh - lost if it's in the YA fantasy section. But thanks for the heads up. I'm guessing whoever decided on this category hasn't read the book. :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

I am totally trying to convince the bookstores over here to stock D100D but their YA sections are practically non-existant. They just give me the evil eye every time I talk up a book.

I grabbed the Crazy Beautiful widget - thanks!